IT for Business – Le Magazine No. 2270, March 2022

Contents of IT for Business 2270 > Dossier: All roads lead to Hybrid Cloud / Survey: Sourcing / Interview: Frédéric Vincent, Renault / Portrait: Patrice Truglas, Prepar-Vie / Analysis: Europe accelerates with digital sovereignty …

Geopolitical conflicts at their peak, resumption of Covid-19 pollution, presidential race, but also the lifting of office restrictions and the return of employees to the premises. This beginning of the year 2022 is certainly full of uncertainty and tension.

In this context, digital technologies are emerging as a pillar that can be relied upon to meet the challenges ahead. And technologies are discussed a lot in this issue.

Renault brand CIO, Frederick Vincent, wants to turn the manufacturer into a “Tech Company”, while electric, hydrogen engines and autonomous driving AI are in the process of completely redefining the contours of this industry. IN interview of the monthhe discusses these technological revolutions, their impact (on the IT department and on the Group) and on the partnership entered into with Google.

Technologies are still talked about in ours portrait in the month of Patrice TruglasDSI and HR from Prepar-Vie, whose career shows a real attraction for innovation and Tech.

Technology is also discussed in our file of the month dedicated to hybrid cloudto its challenges, but also to the possible strategies to implement it smoothly according to the needs and priorities of your hybrid scenarios.

survey of the month is allocated to purchase and the modernization of the digital procurement chain. Solutions for identifying and selecting potential partners are proliferating on the market, combined with performance monitoring and risk management services. But they have limits, which is good to know.

Each issue of IT for Business is also a space for discussion and sharing with CIOs who talk about their problems and the solutions they have implemented. In this issue is Mercy Hospital Foundationthat Dijon University Hospitalthat Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Nantes and CCI France give us their feedback on open source announcements, SDN connected with WiFi 6, on “next gen” backup solutions or even the creation of cross-platform applications under Flutter.

Each issue of IT for Business is also an opportunity to discover innovative start-ups. This month you meet Wizaly (optimization of marketing campaigns), (metabot), ofoffice (collaboration) andAleia (DevOps in AI).

Welcome to the detailed overview of IT for Business #2270.


“Make Renault a ‘Technology Company'”
Interview with Frederick VincentDSTID Renault Group and DSI of the brand Renault


All roads lead to the Hybrid Cloud
– Of costs always difficult on to evaluate
Two implementation strategies most important
– A policy about security to refine
– A stakes with variable geometry regarding Data protection
– News skills and a news item management


Sourcing, the weak link in the digital procurement chain


Patrice Truglas, DSI and HR at Prepar-Vie (BPCE)
“A lifelong passion for technology”


– That Mercy Hospital Foundation solidifies its messages
– That Dijon University Hospital extends its SDN to its limits Wifi 6
– That The Faculty of Science and Technology de Nantes draws his researchers’ attention to backup
CCI France International get a new channel network


– Europe is accelerating digital sovereignty
– Less of talent to be hired, freelancers to seduce
– The position of cloud costs will pass one heading
Google Analytics attracts them thunderbolt of CNIL


Innovative methods used by start-ups to recruit


Low code or no code: freedom under conditions


50% of crypto transactions are fraudulent!


Implementation and consolidation of a bionic organization, this new challenge of digital competition


Wizaly going up the paths of conversion
Hubi.aia multi-purpose metabot
office facilitates team collaboration with virtual spaces
Aleia brings AI into the DevOps era


Water cooling, still reserved for supercomputers

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