IT for Business – Le Magazine no. 2267 December 2021

Contents > File: Technical debt or legacy: a question of balance / Survey: Voice assistants are entering enterprises / Interview: Romain Delassus, head of the digital department, Ministry of Culture / Portrait: Vincent Niebel, CIO Group, EDF…

The year 2021 will soon bring down the curtain on 12 months very marked by the pandemic and these many social and economic consequences. And everything indicates that the uncertainty that has characterized the last 2 years will still prevail in 2022.

In other words, companies will need to continue their digital transformation efforts to remain agile because agility remains the best weapon in the face of uncertainty.

This ongoing digital transformation is shown across the entire December issue ofIT for business. It is more than ever essential to culture as digital technology has made it possible to sustain cultural activities under lockdown and digital technology has become the engine of our entertainment. ” Digital innovation to develop culture is one of the priorities for Romain Delassushead of the digital department in the Ministry of Culture, who is a guest in this issue for interview of the month.

Digital transformation is also an economic key and leads to innovative experiences. survey of the month specifically relates to a new exchange channel: voice assistants is finally entering the business world.

The possibilities offered by digital technology are also obvious Vincent NiebelEDF Group DSI that we track the portrait in this issue. A CIO who understands that cloud transformation must be done on trusted clouds that guarantee security, reversibility and immunity from extraterritorial laws.

But if the transformations trace the paths of the future, they also bring their challenges. That technical debt and the management of IT assets is thus at the heart of folder of the month.

And which in each issue, large companies tell about their transformation projects. This month, Adeo, Colas, Michelin, Parc Asterix and others give their feedback on the technologies that promote their digitization of processes.

You will also discover the startups of the month that hope to seduce you and accelerate your transformation through their innovations: Anozr Way (cybersecurity), CloudFret (logistics), Kiliba (marketing automation) and Daspren (cybersecurity).

Welcome to the detailed summary of issue 2267 of IT for Business, the magazine…


“Rethinking digital to develop culture”
Interview with Romain Delassushead of the digital department, Ministry of Culture


Technical debt or legacy: a matter of balance above all

Technical debt or legacy: a real issue of IS performance
Mainframessuch a subtle balance
– ERP, language, AGL, data history…. These candidates to technical debt
SIR and technical debt: the second knot to untie
AS/400a future based on mainframes?


Voice assistants are entering the business (small).


Vincent Niebel, EDF Group CIO
A CIO that energizes the cloud of trust


– Atoncervixa chatbot among the irreducible Gauls of Asterix Park
– Good from here
“locavore” for its SI medOpen Source
– Goodbye
consolidate their data in the cloud
– EL2D
digitize orders on construction sites
– Michelin optimizes its supply chain thanks to digital twin
ONE fine under construction at colas


The government presents a plan for accelerate the use of free software
– That Cooperation international against cybercrime on rails
IBM gives substance to serverless quantum


The interest in cyber security insurance


Five specific risks of the SaaS contract in relation to Covid


The big cyber security gap


– What a place to be MDM in today’s enterprise architecture
artificial intelligencea lever of performance and off reliability computer services
Event driven architecture : this time it is not a fad


Anozr way combat the exploitation of human error
CloudFreight exploits carriers’ empty returns
Kilibamarketing automation at your fingertips
daspren detects corrupted data


Extend AI to improve decision making

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