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Amazon Prime Business is a platform specifically designed for businesses. Like Amazon Prime, which is dedicated to individuals, Business Prime offers its users unique benefits. Members benefit from simplified professional purchasing and can focus on their own customers thanks to the time saved!

Amazon Prime Business: What is it?

Amazon Prime Business or Business Prime is an annual subscription program that offers operation and privileges to business accounts, so for commercial use only.

These specific services include:

  • Unlimited priority delivery time on eligible items
  • Advanced monitoring of your purchasing costs
  • Control over all your transactions

In fact, the data for all your organization’s expenses is recorded, processed and analyzed by the Business Prime system to provide dashboards. These make it easier to manage your supplies and help with decisions and your company’s purchasing policy.

There is also the Business Prime Duo formula dedicated to individual professionals. To access this program, simply sign up for Amazon Prime on a personal account. You must then link the latter to a professional account to sign up for Business Prime.

What are the differences between Amazon Business and Amazon Prime?

While Amazon Prime caters to individuals for their personal needs, Business Prime services are only aimed at businesses. As a subscription program, Amazon Prime offers benefits to individuals such as access to entertainment and programs for personal use such as Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Fresh, Prime Now and Prime Reading.

While Business Prime is the subscription program available exclusively on Amazon Business with business benefits and features. Business Prime therefore does not include Prime Video or Prime Music. The platform was created for speed up the purchase and delivery process to optimize business users’ resources.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Business?

Prime Business offers its users many benefits to facilitate the management of their purchases, which, it must be remembered, can be done by more users. It can be different managers within the same company.

The number of users

Depending on the plan to which the pro account is subscribed, Business Prime may authorize a certain number of users through their professional account:

Package Annual rate number of users
Duo €25 1
Basic €50 3
Small €150 10
Medium €350 100
Unlimited €3,000 Unlimited

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Preferential prices

Business subscribers have access to special prices and various discounts.

Business prices

These special prices are reserved for customers with business status and involve specific discounts. They are only available on some items that may vary.

Volume discounts

A volume discount is given for the purchase of large quantities of certain items. However, these are not volume discounts not systematically and the items they apply to may change.

Progressive discounts

Progressive discounts on eligible products according to their total volume provided according to their purchasing organization over the last 12 months. This type of discount applies to certain items and defined quantities.

The Distributor Award Program

Finally, exceptional prices are provided on certain items for profiles part of the distribution network : wholesalers, authorized distributors of a specific brand, service providers representing a brand (beauty, hi-tech, etc.).

Batch orders

In addition, Amazon Business registrants benefit from the ability to order items in bulk. Note that this feature applies new products only.

To make this type of order, you can use the online order form or download it and then send it after completing it.

It is also possible to select “Bulk Purchase” next to the “Add to Cart” or “Bulk Orders” button in the “Professional Account” menu. This ordering method incurs no additional costs.

Amazon Prime Business

Privileged expeditions

Business Prime subscribers also get access to shipping benefits:

  • Free one day delivery
  • Express delivery at a reduced price
  • Free delivery on specific products
  • Free consolidated shipping

Access to exclusive Business Prime purchases

In addition, the platform opens exclusive purchase programs for its subscribers:

  • “Prime Day Deals”
  • In addition to Priority Priority Access

Additional benefits on supplies

Finally, Basic, Small, Medium and Unlimited allow for personalized supply management according to the desired number of writers and readers. And also access to “guided buying”, i.e. guided buying. Profiles range from 0 author to 3 readers to 2 authors to up to 100 readers.

The features available on Amazon Business

Amazon Business isn’t just about providing a more professional experience to your Amazon account. It includes a battery of exclusive features such as:

  • The easy shopping experience
  • Comparison of prices, terms and suppliers
  • Amazon Tax Exemption System (ATEP)
  • Account management: workflow and analytics
  • Email notification for each order
  • Creation and management of user groups
  • Reporting and dashboards

How do I switch from Amazon Prime to Business Prime?

To change your Amazon Prime subscription status, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Log in from your professional account
  2. Once you are logged into your account, select the Business Prime button
  3. Click on “Manageor “Cancel» your Amazon Prime subscription

How do I sell products or services on Amazon Business?

Once you’re registered with Amazon Prime Business, you can also offer goods or services for sale.

Submit your products

Becoming a seller on Amazon Business requires three simple steps:

  • Register on Amazon by creating your business account. If you’re already an online seller, simply add the Amazon Business features by going to the “Seller Central” page in your account.
  • Edit your company’s profile by filling in the information about your company without forgetting your activity and your certificates.
  • Finally, create your catalog using Amazon SEO tools to add your items to it and display all the necessary information.

Sell ​​your services

You can also offer professional services on the platform. If this option was previously reserved for certain professions (plumbing, furniture assembly, housekeeping and electrical assistance, etc.), it is now possible to offer more comprehensive services.

For example, we can offer digital services: Web development, applications, mobile, etc. In addition, self-employed people can take advantage of Amazon Business offers for the purchase of their professional equipment. Auto contractors can buy their PC, software, various office supplies, etc.

Amazon Prime Business


The conditions for offering professional services on Amazon Business are simple. To do this you must:

  • Subscribe to one liability insurance (civil liability) generally with a limit of $1 million per requirements
  • Submit license information if you have the professional trader profile

How do I contact Amazon Business customer service?

If you have any questions or need help, you can contact Amazon Business customer service by following this link. The support team is available 24 hours a day.

To ensure the security of your account, you must provide proof of your identity.

Finally, for the proper follow-up of your file, you can find the history of your interactions from a file created in your name.

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