Lewis Hamilton’s extra sports businesses

Lewis Hamilton partially invests the money he earns on the circuits in projects that are particularly close to his heart.

At the end of the contract in 2023, Lewis Hamilton plans to extend the adventure with Mercedes AMG F1 Besides. Discussions begin in December and end in March. Behind the scenes, the seven-time world champion revealed all his activities in addition to Formula 1. There are many of them.

It all started in 2016 with the creation of Project 44, the management company for its image and its F1 contracts. Previously, the pilot outsourced this process, now he is centralizing it. He earns 45 million euros in salary and a total of 70 million, in case of the title of world champion, on his current contract. The company also benefits from contracts entered into with Hamilton’s image partners, which are worth around fifteen million euros per year. season.

Lewis Hamilton is very much focused on charity

Project 44 owns the X44 team, which fully engages and finances the Extreme E project, since 2020. The investment is estimated to be around 5-7 million per year. It is seen as an educational element, it forms part of the charitable aspect of Lewis Hamilton’s investments. X44 uses Mission 44 human resources to operate. In addition, the driver has funded the Hamilton Commission, which serves as support to influence F1’s CSR, between 2020 and 2021, with 2 million euros.

Mission 44 was launched in July 2021 and Hamilton has pledged an investment of €20-22m. in the structure. According to our information, 8 million euros of his annual salary paid by Mercedes goes to finance the structure. The manufacturer also commits to funding the project and the Ignite Fund, which was also created for the occasion. The aim of these charities is to promote diversity and representation in general in the motorsports and STEM industries. Training at the center of the system. Currently, Mission 44 is preparing the second phase of its plan, with an expansion in the United States and Africa.

This charitable activity means a lot to Lewis Hamilton. He was ranked the 5th most generous person on the 2022 list for donating $24 million to causes close to his heart.

Investments chosen to be consistent with his lifestyle

Since 2020, Lewis Hamilton has built an investment portfolio around his lifestyle. Within a week, two announcements revealed the driver’s new development strategy beyond F1. First, the creation of Apollo Films to fulfill a television contract with Apple. Two projects are currently in the production phase. A documentary about Lewis Hamilton and a film with Brad Pitt in front of the camera. Hamilton is also part of the investor pool in the TMRW Sports project, along with Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy, to democratize golf for as many people as possible. He was followed by Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Alex Albon and Serena Williams in this project. This is not the only star association he belongs to in support of start-ups. In 2021, he joined the investor pool of The Note Compagny, a Chile-based company focused on plant-based dairy products. Hamilton was followed by Roger Federer and even Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter), this company is valued at 1.5 billion dollars today and aims for 10 times more by the end of the decade.

After being associated with the project to take over the English Premier League football club, Chelsea FC at the beginning of 2022, the English driver finally returned to the United States. By taking a few stakes in Denver’s Broncos in the NFL, in the heart of August 2022. The franchise is currently worth $5 billion.

In addition to investing in cars and real estate, since 2020 Lewis Hamilton has been building a new direction for his career. A 360 degree plan that allows him to promote his image as a whole. He invests in education, offers the possibility of internships (Mercedes AMG F1 and X44), he promotes his activity (Apollo Films), spends according to his lifestyle and all this while including his driver dimension of F1 for the future, with the involvement of Mercedes -Benz, in its projects and several other sponsors as well.

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