ENACO: the 1st French business school with distance learning up to BAC +5

This digital adaptation, necessary during the crisis, is now increasingly demanded by students. ENACO, a distance learning business school recognized by the state, is a leader in its field.

More than 60 diploma or certification distance learning courses

Distance learning of tomorrow’s professionals and managers in commerce, marketing, real estate, management, finance and human resources, this is what ENACO has been offering since 2006. The school is based in Hauts-de-France, but its students come from all over France, including overseas departments and territories, as well as from abroad. It is subject to educational control by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Labour, Full Employment and Integration, and is a member of the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) and of the French EdTech delegation. ENACO is also QUALIOPI and ISO 9001 certified, testifying to the quality of its training.

The students, mainly between the ages of 18 and 34, are equally high school graduates, youth workers or adults undergoing professional retraining. They can choose from more than 60 courses, ranging from BTS to Bac +5, through professional titles. ” We welcome more than 7,500 students in training this year, thus passing the milestone of 40,000 students trained since the creation of ENACO. », explains Olivier Fromont, Director of Operations at ENACO.

During their course, students benefit from regular educational supervision by the teaching staff. Each subject is supervised by a teacher who brings all the necessary knowledge, evaluates the work and, throughout the course, leads virtual classes via video conference and forums to elaborate on specific topics and discuss. In addition, ENACO students can also count on a team of educational coaches who support them on a daily basis. From ENACO’s digital campus, students can check the availability of their teachers and trainers at any time and make their appointment directly online. Finally, even though the school is remote, the education department is there for everything regarding internships, exams and administrative documents (study card, education certificate, internship agreement, etc.).

Great expertise in digital learning

ENACO’s strength is in particular its digital campus made available to students. ” The student finds his lessons there, makes contact with teachers and trainers, participates in virtual classes. If he missed a session, he can watch it in replay because the lessons are recordedexplains Olivier Fromont. In a virtual class we work in reverse pedagogical mode, the students who have previously read and watched the courses online meet to discuss and interact with the teacher. It is not a classic top-down lecture, but a moment when the student becomes fully involved in his training and shares his questions with the teacher, which is a radical change of attitude in the classic higher education landscape.. »

Over the past two years, ENACO has experienced a strong increase in the number of its graduates, which reveals students’ appetite for distance learning. ” The advantage for us during the crisis was that we already had the ideal digital campus for successful distance learning. We have tripled our student numbers without compromising either the quality of our teaching or our selectivity. Unlike the problems with brick-and-mortar institutions, we didn’t have to rethink our learning spaces or crowd our students into crowded lecture halls. Thanks to a well-dimensioned platform, our students were simply able to follow their training without stress and in the best conditions to prepare for their diplomas or exams. What better place to learn than the one we’ve chosen? », adds Gaël Jacquemin, Marketing and Communications Director at ENACO.

What is special about ENACO students is their autonomy, their maturity and their ability to organize themselves. ” They have complete freedom to connect whenever and wherever they want on campus. These are people who want to give or restore meaning to their professional lives, our students are disciplined and persistent, they invest a lot of themselves to obtain their diploma ” says Gaël Jacquemin.

Apprenticeship in distance learning: meeting companies’ recruitment challenges

The classic face-to-face work-study models are generally more enduring than those chosen by the company. In addition, many employers find themselves limited in school/working time distribution schemes that do not take into account the company’s activity rhythms: weeks of courses placed in the balance period for an alternating accounting practice, absence of several days a week for a shop assistant student… the examples are numerous and will appeal to our readers.

Most of these obstacles to the establishment of a real win/win operation between the apprentice and his employer are solved with ENACO’s work-study distance training, adds Olivier Fromont. “Lthe work study increases his job opportunities because he is no longer divided between the place of study and the workplace, he also achieves significant savings by avoiding having to move far from home to follow the studies. For the employer, it can recruit young people directly into its employment pool, thus promoting the proximity and availability of new recruits, while offering them a higher education at a business school.. »

Regarding the organization of work and study periods, a concrete study generally gives the opportunity to propose arrangements that combine the company’s needs with the student’s mandatory training hours.

Another strong point of ENACO is its ability to set up a work study contract across France throughout the year, so you no longer have to wait until September to recruit your ideal work study student.

For more information or to contact the ENACO teams, go to www.enaco.fr

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