Brice Etienne masters event music with Key des Artistes

Text: Morgan Couturier – Enchanted by turntables as a teenager, Lyonnais Brice Etienne continues to entertain crowds today under the banner of his company Key des Artistes. Since 2012, individuals and companies have taken advantage of its music culture to liven up their events, being recognized by some as the “best party DJ in France” for six years.

He didn’t wait for Zouk Machine and Maldon to get the music under his skin, nor did he crave the holy words of Jean-Jacques Goldman to convince himself that his music is good. Many have told him, yesterday and now, as evidenced by the honorary title “best evening DJ in France” that he has carried with him since 2017. But if this award, presented by Zankyou, a brand well known to lovers , is going to convince of his ability to unite his sounds over time, Brice-Etienne hardly needs his turntables to justify his talent.

From this desire to want to make people dance. Making them also sing while sitting on a bench for five minutes with him is enough to take the fold of this consuming passion. Because with him, the weather is good, the sky is blue, and even a simple coffee is enough to pierce his fascination. Do you want some, here it is, the artist likes to demonstrate how much he has lived for her, day after day, since she was 15 years old. Meanwhile, almost 30 years have passed, that is, as many styles on the charts, without any of them escaping him. Trying to catch him in the modern era and “the music of the young” becomes even a risky game, as much as his did, in the twilight of his studies.

Since he only had love for turntables when the presentations made of Nicolas Broquet, Brice Etienne could not prevent himself from trying his hand at the symphonies. And for events, his other favorite hit. “My company, Loki Concepts, was established (in 2001, editor’s note) as part of a student project. Back then I organized student parties, then I continued with company parties,” he says. Nevertheless, while some see music as giving soul to hearts, the Loki Concepts experience was as short as License IV’s musical career. At most seven years, the time to accompany the launch of Petit Paumé in form (in 2003), before it gets a big hit behind the ears in 2007.

“I found myself in the subprime crisis. Budgets have been frozen. There began my journey through the desert,” he explains.

With pockets full of debt, Brice Etienne has nevertheless been able to make a comeback. As… seller at Auchan first, before “a box in the food industry” allowed him to climb the slope and find his first love, the weekend came. “It took me ten years to rebuild. We had to start from scratch to rebuild a network,” he explains. The tubes became less dark and from the half-light sprang the idea of Artist keyestablished in 2012. A new event company, led by the person in question and six DJs, where professionals and individuals in three quarters are now having fun, in line…

His vinyl bar in action at Fort de Vaise last summer

Mainly in the Rhône, following the example of the Olympics, where he will host the Groupama Stadium next year, but also in other regions, such as the Château de Bagnols, where he energized the wedding Yes, Wilfried Tsonga. His recipe? “Love music in general”. Preferably the right one. “Making a mark on people through music is what I love. Our job is to have a reading of the track and adapt to the clientele at the moment T. It is not up to me to impose my programming. You have to find the connection between the different musical tastes,” continues the 40-year-old, whose customers are won over by his concept of a vinyl bar.

So if the body is sometimes tempted by more rest, the head is always happy to find new treasures. Six different scenographies (sold for €550 each) and almost 300 vinyls thus swelled Key des Artistes’ offer. Touched but never sunk, Brice Etienne was born to live by this passion. As if to make his audience sing, this song by Scorpions: “I still loving you”!

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