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Starting your own business is the dream of many men. But just as many of them don’t dare to start: fear of failure, not wanting to lose money, lack of knowledge…

However, establishing a profitable business is within the reach of almost anyone. You just need to be well informed in advance and (above all) prepare your project well. We will give you some keys in this article to become your own boss and run a business that brings in money!

It is in such a crisis that we can distinguish two types of people :

  • those who mope and see the glass half empty;
  • those who see a new opportunity to get back into their lives.

If you are currently reading me, you are definitely part of this second category, that the winners who believe in it to the enda bit like the French team in the Euro 2000 final (the oldest among us still get chills).

The problem is that even with all the best motivation you can draw from deep within your being, sometimes it’s hard to lay the foundation stone for your empire. Not knowing where to start or not having the money to start your first business can be reason enough to curb your enthusiasm..

Lucky for you, you’re reading this article and I’m about to give you 3 business ideas you can create with very little money. If it is not a sign of fate to push you to start… In short, you will thank uncle Hakim later, let’s see together how to start a profitable business when you have little money to invest.

Affiliate: making money without investing anything

Are you getting paid to promote someone else’s product? That’s what membership is all about. This type of business is ideal for beginners because it allows you to generate your first euros without any financial investment on your part.

As an affiliate, your job is to promote a physical or digital product. As soon as one of your leads makes a purchase, you receive a commission on the amount spent. This can vary from a few euros to several hundreds per purchase, enough to round off your end of the month.

My advice is to start with promote “your passion“. For example: imagine you are keen on cooking, it would be enough to create a website (free on WordPress) which promotes products related to your culinary passion. Physical products (pots, utensils, etc.) and digital products (e-books with recipes, baking training, etc.). You don’t need to create anything, everything already exists!

Simply let your prospects click on your links and buy the products you feature to earn your first income.

If the association of digital products tempts you, you can register for free on a platform like 1TPE.com. If you wish, you can even get paid to promote my book. How to buy 5 apartments for €5? in e-book format (yes, I’m not losing the Nordics)!

To promote physical products, go to Amazon’s affiliate program instead. You will have the opportunity to get paid to promote any product sold by the American giant.

Dropshipping: Creating your e-commerce site is easy!

E-commerce is (almost) unaffected by the crisis. Here there is no strike, lockout or duty to close shop because of a cluster. Open your store and let it run 24/7 around the world. But since we’re going to talk about low-budget business, let’s talk about dropshipping.

This is THE business you should take on if you want to start e-commerce without taking too many financial risks at the beginning. The goal is to find a product from a supplier, sell it through your e-commerce store without ever having to deal with receiving and shipping the product. You work in tight flow from start to finish.

In reality, when your customer places an order in your online store, it is up to you to transfer the order to your supplier, who sends the product to your customer.

This type of business requires little financial means because you have no inventory to manage to get started, but it takes time, professionalism and a minimum of marketing skills to promote your products. In fact, there are many people who embark on the adventure of dropshipping thinking that it will be easy and that all they have to do is find a product on AliExpress, set up an online store, and then the euro will drop. itself. Results: many called and few chosen.

If you like the adventure of dropshipping, consider it a real job in itself and not a Sunday hobby. Practice, learn, practice your knowledge, make mistakes, learn and repeat. Your diligence and marketing skills will make the difference.

A piece of advice: Create your store via Shopify, which is the reference platform and which adapts perfectly to dropshipping. If many people associate dropshipping with “Chinese product site”, please be aware that it is also possible to do dropshipping via Amazon’s marketplace; this may be the subject of a future video on goodLife TV, stay tuned!

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8 tips to make money with dropshipping

Network Marketing: Get Others to Work for You!

In my previous article on passive income, I used the example of a locomotive that initially pulls one car after another slowly and with difficulty, until eventually it cannot be stopped, both because of its speed and because of its power. This example is perfectly suited for network marketing, which generates a lot of calls, a lot of money (we are talking about thousands or even millions of euros) but also many people who give up very quickly. You have to believe that the difficulty stops more than one…

Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing) often gets a bad press and it is judged wrongly, negatively because people often confuse this system with pyramid selling, which is completely illegal and immoral. Despite this, MLM generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. It is also the industry that creates the most millionaires in the world, ahead of music and sports (I know, even I didn’t believe it at first). Additionally, kudos to you ladies because the statistics prove thatomen perform better than men in this sector. As Queen B said: Who rules the world? Girls! »

Joining an MLM company will allow you to be a distributor of an existing brand and have a turnkey business: products, compensation system, promotions, website, internal training, communication tools, etc. In exchange, your company will need to sell the products of the brand you represent and recruit other distributors to expand the ranks of your team. Your compensation, very often in the form of commission, comes from the sale of your products and the recruitment of your team, because the main advantage of MLM is the commissions collected on the sales of your recruits.

But be careful! It’s not enough to just recruit to make money. You will have to follow your teams, motivate them, support them and create right strategies to sustain this industry. If you like contact, MLM is for you. I recommend the excellent book by Eric Worre: Go Pro (no, it’s not a manual for a camera).

Success doesn’t come by itself!

We have just seen 3 companies that need to be established with little money to invest. If you do it the right way, you will be able to generate much more than your current salary. There is no better business than another, it all depends on your taste, your skills and your time.

But remember this: even if the results require little financial means to get started, they can be exponential and reach thousands or even millions of euros in revenue. However, be aware that it is not as simple as it seems.

It will take a lot of effort, time, sacrifice and motivation to reach the top.. You get something for nothing and if it was easy everyone would be doing it. This is also why many people start thinking about hitting the jackpot quickly, but very quickly become disillusioned, trapped in reality. Take the time to educate yourself, inform yourself, take action.

I made a video on my YouTube channel about these 3 types of business. Meanwhile, make mistakes, learn, start over, to finally touch the stars!

If you want more information about financial freedom, real estate investments or the different businesses to create with little money, then register at onelife-goodlife.com, you will receive my e-book “What do you want to do when you grow up?” , the guide to achieving financial independence.See you soon to talk about your progress as a winner!

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