The days of mosques are over

Lack of fuel, lack of medicine, more rationed or missing food, we are normalizing, not with mediocrity (we already have been for ages), but with a certain quality of life that we have never known, even in the worst periods with Bourguiba, Ben Ali and the troika. When we wrote a few months ago and repeated that Tunisia was heading towards Lebanonization, we were criticized, insulted, insulted and threatened. To defend President Kaïs Saïed and his policies from new and different approaches, less-than-nothing and fake researchers have for months insulted political, sociological and economic experts and tried to tarnish the credibility of the media that pass them on.

This new lifestyle of scarcity and rationing is only the beginning. Like Lebanon and several African and underdeveloped countries, prepare for power and gas outages, part with your favorite hygiene and cosmetic products, no longer buy branded chocolate, and no longer have money to travel.

You can insult experts, columnists and editors, it will not change the situation that awaits you. Today’s shortage is only the prelude to tomorrow’s shortage.

What are the elements that allow me to promote this?

Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, all European countries are warning their citizens about a possible rationing of gas and electricity. The European countries are already scared, even though they have Euros at will, so what about Tunisia, which has very few? Have you seen Steg or the Ministry of Industry warn you about this? Even the renewable energy policy that European countries are pursuing to compensate for the deficit of fossil energy will not be enough to meet the demand for next winter, what about Tunisia, which has not pursued any serious policy in this area when the country is sunny more than three hundred days a year?

A few weeks ago, the President of the Republic spoke out against the import of cosmetic products and animal feed. The Ministry of Commerce reacted quickly to make it difficult to import a number of products. The list even affects toothpaste and shampoo, which are heavily taxed. The same deodorant stick sells for €1.2 in Spain compared to around ten dinars in Tunisia.

A few months ago, the President of the Republic rose up against the rich and all those who have a comfortable lifestyle. More than once he indirectly compared them to swindlers and corrupt people. Out of sheer populism, he said he was proud to never sit with the rich!

However, one must remember that the poor have never created anything. Wealth, jobs, growth, only the rich create them. This is how it is all over the world and since the dawn of time.

By bashing the rich and those with comfortable lifestyles, Kaïs Saïed and his aficionados scare off investors and project managers. With this high interest rate policy, savings are encouraged rather than investment. However, no growth is expected with this policy. The central bank, like the president of the republic, encourages laziness and assistantship.

In his approach, Kaïs Saïed wants to take from the rich to give to the poor. By what logic should we take money from those who work to give it to those who do not work? Based on the logic of the fair distribution of wealth and the fight against social inequalities, you will be told. It’s very good, let’s continue like this. The rich will go to work elsewhere and they will leave the poor to languish in their poverty. We can already see the doctors and engineers leaving. Countless businessmen have left to make their money in Morocco, Europe or Canada. However, they were happy to return home after 2011. So many lost hope!

Is that enough to convince you that what awaits us is worse than what is happening to us right now? That the Lebanonization of Tunisia is inevitable? That Kaïs Saïed is not the man for the job, he is (like the Islamists) the graves of Tunisia and your way of life?

While you’re queuing for a few liters of fuel or mourning the death of a loved one who didn’t have their medicine, think of the three million Tunisians who voted ” Yes “ to the referendum and to the thousands of ignorant Facebookers who insulted the pundits and columnists. Just a thought.

These three million were deceived by Kaïs Saïed’s so-called integrity, by his speech in literary Arabic, by his religious and historical references to the Arab-Islamic epic, by his unexpected visits to the markets and to Habib Avenue Bourguiba. These three million were fooled by the images of Kaïs Saïed in the mosques and by his many promises to put an end to monopolies, corruption, speculation, fraud…

Today, firmly installed in power, Kaïs Saïed does not even bother to maintain this image.

Zarzis is booming after the death of his children on the high seas, and Kaïs Saïed didn’t even bother to walk on land. However, he moved like clockwork the day after the election.

Despite the many shortcomings, Kaïs Saïed did not say a word to comfort the Tunisians and give them hope for a better future.

Before and after his election, he multiplied the images in the mosques, where we saw him pious before his God. That time is over! The time of piety and mosques is over. Kaïs Saïed is in his ivory tower, completely detached from the real concerns of the people. At best, he gets into silly, anachronistic arguments. He can do no better, he knows nothing about the state and its governance. He is empty, he is uneducated, he lives in a different era.

To calm things down, he will do a reshuffle. His government of opportunists will be thrown away like a kleenex. He will be its scapegoat to justify failure as speculators and the corrupt have been to justify inflation and poverty.

Real problem solving will still wait some time for the next revolution.

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