17 start-ups travel with Business France at SXSW in Austin

For the 7th year in a row, Business France is going to SXSW in Austin, USA. This festival about technological trends in the world of creative industries, which takes place from March 13 to 22, brings together players in music, image, immersive technologies, entertainment and fashion. Almost 230,000 participants will have the opportunity to discover the 17 start-ups led by Business France.

Use the event as a springboard

“SXSW is the cutting edge of technological thinking and innovation in the world, a privileged observatory for tomorrow’s trendssays Francesco Plazzotta, project manager for EdTech & cultural and creative industries at Business France. […] All players, start-ups, SMEs and large French (and European) accounts are expected to present their innovations, unveil their idea of ​​the future and discuss it with their North American partners.”

The 17 start-ups flying across the Atlantic have therefore been selected “for the innovative nature of their service or product and the company’s ability to use the event as a springboard“, explains Business France. Exhibiting their solutions and products at the French fashion and technology pavilion, conferences, business meetings and other networking evenings will mark their week.

The 17 start-ups selected by Business France


  • Diggers Factory: vinyl producer and distributor that allows artists to produce their vinyls at a lower price. The start-up offers various services such as crowdfunding to finance the production of artists’ vinyls, limited edition collaborations and a box subscription. Labels, artists, institutions and festivals are their customers.
  • Dronisos Drone Light Show: startup that tells stories using hundreds of drones in action in the sky.
  • Position: designs expressive electronic musical instruments and interfaces. Embodme’s first instrument is aimed at musicians and live performers who use synthesizers and music controllers and want to get rid of the computer on stage, or find a way to interact with their digital instruments as well as their audience.
  • Evaneos: has created an online marketplace that connects individual travelers with local experts from around the world.


  • OpenClassrooms: the platform aims to revolutionize learning through a skills-based approach and mentoring. Professional training and certifications are 100% online.

Augmented reality

  • Easytopia: innovation study specializing in augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
  • LOOSE: develops a mixed reality mask that allows many applications in the medical and industrial fields thanks to its compactness, its screen and the computing power of its integrated system.

Fashion design

  • Aum: the acronym ‘Let’s Stop Single Use Now’ offers an ultra-efficient steam cleaning solution that allows glasses to be reused in 5 seconds with 2 cl of water. Its goal: to offer an alternative to disposable cups.
  • Moods: the lingerie brand designs period panties.
  • Lectra: develops first-class technologies that enable fashion, automotive and furniture companies to confidently embark on Industry 4.0.
  • Inventive Citi: designs jackets that integrate several technologies and make it possible to meet fashion and safety challenges. For example, for scooter users, Inventive Citi incorporates undetectable road safety features.
  • MyTailorsAndCo: international, collaborative and environmentally responsible platform dedicated to on-demand, tailored or personal creations in B2B and B2C. MyTailorsAndCo dresses interiors, exteriors and people thanks to a tool available on the Internet that connects customers and exceptional creative craftsmen.

Business solutions

  • Horn: develops a set of solutions that facilitate interactivity in a group. From content, a company can offer simple, fun and effective activities: quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, live messages, etc.
  • Wiseband: the startup helps independent artists and labels sell their music online. Wiseband is an intermediary that centralizes online sales (digital content, physical goods and merchandising) in the world of direct distribution.
  • Play the game: Joué is a MIDI controller already sold to experienced musicians for playing drums, guitar, keyboard, etc. Musicians can lay down a beat, add a piano sound, and then switch to a distorted guitar solo in an instant.
  • Paris & Co: economic development and innovation agency in Paris and the metropolis. It promotes the dissemination of innovation through the incubation of more than 500 French and foreign start-ups per year, the experimentation of innovative solutions, the organization of national and international events. It develops its activity in a dynamic of open innovation in close cooperation with more than 120 large companies and major institutions.
  • Data&Data: the startup provides artificial intelligence solutions to fashion, luxury and cosmetics brands to assess and optimize their online distribution. The solution can also help measure and analyze the parallel market and the second-hand market on the Internet.


  • mothers: Mothr’s platform, which uses blockchain, makes it possible to create a link between brands and consumers over the entire life cycle of a product.

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