Saed protects Ennahdha and terrorizes the judges!

The lawyer and former minister, Mohamed Abbou believed that the announcement of the extraordinary measures taken by the President of the Republic, Kaïs Said could have led to an improvement in the country’s situation. Nevertheless, the head of state failed in his task and deviated from his mission from September 2021. He described the power in place as an illegitimate authority.

Invited on November 2, 2022 to the program “Midi Show” hosted by Elyes Gharbi and broadcast on Mosaïque Fm radio, Mohamed Abbou believed that Kais Said did not touch the burning issues. induce the example of security associations, Mohamed Abbou believed that it was not enough to appoint a dictator at the head of the country and ask him to dissolve these structures. He explained that any dictator could resort to intimidation and harassment of citizens by exploiting this issue. He believed that the executive did not need to bring them together under a single union. He also called for banning security associations from collecting donations. Their only source of funding should be limited to membership fees paid by affiliate agents.

Regarding Tunisian justice, Mohamed Abbou believed that the fight against corruption should be carried out through the initiation of investigations regarding the assets of judges and their property. He assured that Kais Said did none of that. He criticized the attitude of the President of the Republic and the unfounded accusations. He believed that certain judges were dismissed by the head of state because of their opinions and their Facebook publications. Quay Saidaccording to him, the judges are terrorizing. Sir. Abbou felt that the president was protecting the movement Ennahda. He explained this by the absence of serious investigations targeting the party and its leaders.

The senior cadres who supported the parties in the past are today under Kaï’s orders Said Sensitive administrations, primarily the Ministry of the Interior, must maintain their impartiality… Crossing the data, I can conclude that Kaïs Said was under foreign pressure. When he used the term “omg sanafa“, he only wanted to seduce the Tunisians… This is a populist discourse that has reached its peak… Currently, he is preparing to announce measures that are not populist… In 2014, some people revealed to me that embassies intervened sit in from bardo Countries seek to protect Ennahda to guarantee the stability of the country… These countries must not interfere in our economic policy and in the fight against corruption… Say Kai Said presented himself as a reasonable and wise person, we could have fought against corruption “, he clarified.

Mohammad Abbou believed that Tunisia was accumulating losses economically and in terms of investment. He referred to the president’s lack of clarity and unpredictability. He explained that no one would dare to invest their money in a country where the president blocked certain activities on a whim. He also mentioned the attitude of the Tunisian administration. Senior managers no longer assume their responsibilities and do not oppose the president’s decisions for fear of being fired. This caused businessmen to flee the country.

Mohammad Abbou argued that Kais Said betrayed the Tunisians and showed that he was not up to it. He believed that his attitude showed a lack of respect for the Tunisian people. He believed that the president was unable to move things forward, to develop and reform the country. He pointed to the discrepancy between the president’s position and the speech given at the Arab League summit on November 1, 2022. On the one hand Kais Said talks about unity and solidarity, and on the other hand, he never stops arguing with the actors on the Tunisian political scene.

There is no constitution from 2022… There is a coup d’état carried out by force… We must return to the application of the 2014 constitution and organize elections… There are no alternatives to Kais Said We must organize an early presidential election… Tunisians should not accept dirty money… We need to put in place mechanisms that prohibit foreign funding, voter bribery and the exploitation of media and social networks… What matters is electing a president who respects the state and its institutions… The solution cannot include Kais Said He has committed a crime: a coup “, he added.

Mohamed Abbou called on the Tunisian army, police, judges and administration to assume their role and prosecute all those who committed crimes before July 25, 2021.


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