Hatem Boulabiar says he was the victim of a plot to prevent him from running for office

Hatem Boulabiar says he was the victim of a plot to prevent him from standing in the parliamentary elections

Businessman and former presidential candidate for 2019 Hatem Boulabiar claimed to be the victim of a plot to prevent him from running in the early legislative elections on 17 December 2022. He believed that the power in place had prohibited him from submitting his case to the independent higher authority for elections (isia). Sir. Boulabiar had announced that he was standing as a candidate for the electoral district in France 1.

HAVE the date October 21, 2022, Hatem Boulabiar had published a video in which he explained the reasons that led him to present his candidacy. He asked Internet users to fill out an online form to collect the 400 necessary referrals. As far as his program is concerned, he mentioned as a goal access to administrative actions online and the granting of RCF unlimited number of vehicles for Tunisians. He believed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should encourage and help Tunisians living abroad to invest in Tunisia. He also called for the creation of a bank dedicated to this activity.

Subsequently, Hatem Boulabiar revealed that his case was not accepted byisia. The refusal did not occur during the processing of the applications, but during the submission of the application toisia. Sir. Boulabiar indicated in a Facebook post dated October 28, 2022 that he had visited the headquarters ofisia in Tunis to file his case. Nevertheless, the agent in charge of receiving applications for applications told Hatem Boulabiar that he had to go to the premises of the regional body for the elections in France 1 and present his candidacy there. Sir. Boulabiar specified that he was accompanied by a bailiff and that he drew up a P.V relates facts. He criticized the attitude of the agent in question, who initially accepted the case but later rejected it. He believed thatisia was obliged to accept applications due to the requested documents, such as the birth certificate or bulletin No. 3.

hate Boulabiar spoke of the monopolization of political power and a desire to exclude it. He insinuated that the Head of State, wharf Saidsought to guarantee the election of his supporters. He called on civil society and activists to save the electoral process. hate Boulabiar revealed that some participants had started collecting the required 400 sponsorships since May. The decree revision of the Electoral Act and which introduced the sponsorship system had been published on 1 June and that the form corresponding to this procedure had only been published on 26 September. He also criticized the lack of means of control. He revealed that the twenty sponsorships of Tunisians living in France were sold for 2,000 euros.

hate Boulabiar condemned the lack of clarity and transparency in the application of the electoral law. The three-day extension of application submission deadlines announced at the last minute byisia is, according to him, a gift to Kaï’s relatives and supporters Said. This allowed them to collect the necessary 400 sponsorships. hate Boulabiar also stated that he had been contacted by the National Commission for Computing and Liberties. She informed him that the collection of personal data, including copies of passports and signatures, was a direct breach of the general data protection rules. This is a European law designed to protect the personal data of individuals in the European Union.

Speaking to the President of the Republic, Hatem Boulabiar wrote: How to dream of a new republic when we have evidence of the failure of the electoral law and the inequality of opportunity? We would like to have Mr. Presidentthat the application is conditional on the presentation of real projects. What is the added value of a deputy without a project? Or are you looking to repeat the same scenario and find yourself once again dealing with the dirty money of politics? “.

Note that Hatem Boulabiar will hold a press conference on Thursday 3 November 2022 to further explain the ban on filing candidacies for the 17 December 2022 general election and the attacks against it.


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