Entrepreneurship: 2nd edition of the “Business Idea Competition”

• A Kosyam Jesuit University of Science (KoJUS) initiative

• Three award winners

• A jury led by the CEO of Kanazoe Group

The Bureau consists, from left to right, of the President of KoJUS, Pr Français P. Kaboré, of the CEO of MB Energies, Paul Arnauld Kpotin, of the CEO of KANAZOE GROUP, Djibril Kanazoé, and of the CEO of BADF, Cyrille Ouédraogo. (PhD).

DWithin the framework of its Master of Business Administration (MBA) training program, opportunity for entrepreneurship and sustainable development, Kosyam jesuit university of science (KoJUS) launched the “Business idea competition”. In front of a jury of experts, the students of the said university presented the ideas for projects that they intend to carry out at the end of their course. This activity is on his 2e edition and makes it possible to compete with the collection of the students’ projects and check whether they are realizable. It was October 15, 2022, in Ouagadougou.

KoJUS is a university that educates entrepreneurs and job creators who have a project idea ready to be realized. Before the start of the programme, the students must present their projects to an international jury of confirmed experts in their respective fields. He (the jury) verifies the collection and feasibility of the projects and provides guidance to the students.

“We have organized the Business Idea Competition, which aims to check whether entrepreneurs’ ideas are promising ideas in relation to entrepreneurship, so that we can inform them. That is why the jury consists exclusively of expert contractors and a large financier,” explained the president of KoJUS, per François Pazisnewende Kaboré. The members of the jury for this 2e edition of the Business Idea Competition are the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the KANAZOE GROUP, Djibril Kanazoé, the Director General of the Agricultural Bank of Burkina Faso (BADF), Cyrille Ouédraogo, and the CEO of MB Energies, Arnaud Kpotin, based in Cotonou.

The candidates/students are 18. They come from Burkina Faso and the sub-region. They are mostly business leaders. After working for several years, they believe it is time to be on their own, creating employment for themselves and others.

Family photo of the winners and the jury. (PhD).

CEO of KANAZOE GROUP, Djibril Kanazoé, was chairman of the jury. Like the other members of the jury, he shared his experiences with the graduates so they could better prepare to embrace this profession. According to him, the criteria for evaluating candidates’ project ideas include good market research, a well-defined budget, coherence of the person’s profile with the project, a well-identified customer niche and the existence of a competitive advantage. .

The candidates’ projects concern several sectors, especially culture, real estate, education and health. This KoJUS MBA program will provide them with the skills to develop their business knowledge and practice. In fact, for one year these graduates will receive theoretical and practical tools to become well-informed entrepreneurs who master all the essential functions of a business. In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet model entrepreneurs who will help them develop the culture specific to their new profession.

Arnaud Sawadogo is a student on the KoJUS MBA program. He is also an architect and business manager. He enrolled in this program because he has the ambition to create a holding company by expanding his business sector. “We have to recognize that to take this step you need to have acquired business management experience. So that is what motivated us to join this program,” he said.

At the end of the competition, the jury selected the 3 best projects that respected the evaluation criteria. In addition to the certificates of recognition, the three best business ideas received prizes of 500,000 CFA francs, 350,000 CFA francs and 250,000 CFA francs respectively. They are Clément Ouango (first), Paule Irénée Kiéma (second) and Alaïna Tomptedambo (third).



Introducing KoJus

VS’is a Jesuit university that brings together three units, namely a science high school, a business school in entrepreneurship and sustainable development and a higher science normal school. Each year, it provides an average of 100 science teachers, 30 managers of job-creating entrepreneurs, 100 science graduates and 100 students with a BEPC to the Burkinabè community.

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