Google My Business API replaced by Google Business Profile API

Google can be considered the most powerful search engine in the world. It offers both businesses and simple Internet users various features to ensure a better experience on the Internet.

Google My Business API changed name to Google Business Profile API

We can thus talk about the Google My Business API, which is a real advantage for companies in relation to local SEO. Potential customers therefore have the opportunity to quickly find a company that offers a particular service, and even to make statements and hear the opinions of other Internet users.

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However, this Google service will soon evolve into a new version called Google Business Profile API. What can we learn from it?

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What is the Google My Business API?

The Google My Business API is a completely free tool created by Google, with the aim of promoting local SEO. This is specifically designed to promote simple and quick referral to multiple points of sale. It is a very practical solution that enables these companies located in a certain region to be present on the Internet in general.

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Since Google My business mainly has a boost function, it makes every point of sale visible so that all Internet users can find the point of sale they need in their locality in record time.

In order to achieve its visibility objectives and to ensure a boost of the various points of sale on the web, Google My Business offers interesting cards which are used to identify the identity of each point of sale.

These play a major role in that they allow a natural appearance of the results after searches performed on Google.

They aim to provide each internet user with as much information as possible about each point of sale so that they can make the best choice.

Google Business Profile API: new version coming soon

Google My business promises to be phased out very soon. From the end of April 2022, it will actually experience a name change. We will now talk about the “Google Business Profile”. Each company will therefore have an obligation to adapt in relation to its size and possibly the number of employees at its facility.

Specifically, Google My Business users only have about fifty days to prepare for this change. At the same time, it must be clarified that this is not just a name change. In fact, this mutation will necessarily be accompanied by some profound modifications.

The most important of these relates to usage, which will now only be granted to businesses that have multiple websites. By the way, this is one of the biggest pieces of information when it comes to the API. Conversely, small businesses appear to be the biggest losers of this revolution. In fact, there will no longer be an API for them. They will therefore simply have to use Google’s search engine to find their company profile.

At the same time, small businesses have the opportunity to get direct access to their respective profiles by doing some research on Google Maps. The effort associated with this change is significant, as it forces the majority of small businesses to redefine their strategies in order to have a better local reference.

Benefits of local SEO for businesses

It is important to start by specifying that local reference is based on the optimization of each company’s website, in order to reach a very specific clientele and according to the geographical location. In other words, it allows each customer to easily find a benefit or service that he really needs locally. Thanks to local SEO, Google provides relevant information about local businesses and leads customers better.

To get to know each other better

Local SEO is a very valuable help for young companies. Generally, these have a terrible time making themselves known in their community. But thanks to this SEO procedure, they gain greater visibility among internet users and members of their locality.

A more relevant customer base

All businesses should choose local SEO because it allows you to filter customers in a completely natural way. In reality, by choosing this referral method, you will be guaranteed a targeted and relevant clientele. This also increases your chances of generating sales. Finally, he also points out that this is an SEO strategy that mainly takes into account the mobile phone, which is the tool that potential customers use the most.

Disadvantages of unverified, unverifiable negative reviews

Negative reviews can generally damage a company’s reputation. But whether on Google My Business or any other platform, negative reviews are far from an end in themselves. Whatever activity you indulge in, never forget the fact that you may be subjected to sometimes hurtful criticism.

If you want to constantly improve your image and minimize negative reviews, it is important that you adopt the right attitude. First, don’t pretend you haven’t read a negative customer review. Always make sure to answer them. Next, avoid being aggressive towards a customer who issues a negative review. Finally, leave a private message to the customer for further clarification.

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