Ranking of the best masters in finance 2023 according to QS

The QS site has revealed its ranking of the best Masters in Finance in the world for the year 2023. Like the QS ranking of the best Masters in Management, France is once again placed at the top of the list. Back to this year 2023.

France and the UK appear to be world leaders in financial education. In fact, in the top 25 of QS’s ranking of the best masters in finance, six courses are offered by business schools in France and across the channel! The USA is less represented, but nevertheless places three teams in the top 10.

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Methodology for the QS 2023 Ranking of the Best Masters in Finance

The QS Business Masters page highlights the best masters in finance in the world. To do this, data from 3 studies were collected:

  • QS Global Employer Survey
  • QS Global Academic Survey
  • Survey carried out by the schools themselves.

To be admitted to the QS Business Masters ranking, the program must meet several requirements, the teaching must take place on campus, full-time and have an average class size of at least 15 students. Finally, schools must be accredited by AACSB, AMBA or EFMD.

Thirteen criteria are taken into account to form five indicators by which the programs are classified:

  • Employability of graduates – 35%
  • Alumni career – 15%
  • The programs’ return on investment – ​​20%
  • The academic quality of the education – 20%
  • Diversity of promotions and faculty – 10%

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QS 2023 ranking of the best masters in finance: the schools that offer the best ROI

Masters in finance allow students to claim interesting job opportunities, but the cost of entry to these courses is very high for some. But the salaries at the end of the course make it easy to reimburse tuition fees. To calculate the return on investment for the best masters in finance from global business schools, QS looks back at the 10 years after graduation. This allows them to compare salaries, job opportunities, not to mention the cost of tuition fees and the cost of student life.

France is a good student in this area. As proof, three business schools in the top 5 are French. In joint first place, with a score of 100/100 for the three schools, are thus ESCP, HEC Paris and EU Business school. These companies are closely followed by ESSEC (99.7) and Oxford (99.1).

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Academic quality: what are the best masters in finance in the world?

Like the ranking of the best Masters in Management, QS did not give the score 100/100 to any school for the ranking of the best masters in finance. But European companies stand out from the rest. In fact, out of the top 10 in this area, 7 business schools are European.

Cock-a-doodle Doo! Pole position goes to a French school. HEC Paris climbed to the top of the podium with a score of 99.1/100. The London School of Economics and UCLA close the podium with respective scores of 95.4/100 and 95/100. Following the top 10 masters in finance by academic quality according to the QS ranking consists of Warwick Business School (94.6), MIT (94.1), UC Berkeley (93.9), Oxford (93.8), London Business School (93.5). ). And finally Bocconi University and Cambridge, which are tied with a score of 93.2.

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Diversity in Finance Schools: The World’s Best Graduates in Finance

Diversity is an important concern for Grandes Écoles. In France, many of them have started to adopt systems that allow scholarship students to integrate their promotions. As proof of diversity, the top 10 masters in finance are made up of 5 French schools. However, it is not a school in France that monopolizes the first place.

Pole position goes to the EU Business School, with a score of 97.4. Montpellier Business School is just behind thanks to its score of 95.9/100. Finally, to close the podium, we find the ICN Business School (93). For the rest of the top 10, the QS ranking consists of the University of Edinburgh Business School (92.9), Excelia Business School (92.8), Warwick Business School (92.2), IESEG (90.2), SKEMA (88.8), Bath School of Management (87.5), finally 10th place goes to UQ Business School with a score of 87.4.

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Ranking of the best masters in finance in 2023: the three best business schools in the world

From now on, let’s discover the podium of the ranking of the best masters in finance 2023 produced by the QS website! The top 3 start with the London Business School, a school used to podiums. His overall score is 95.1/100. It particularly stands out in terms of student employability (99.4) and the careers of its graduates, a category for which it achieves a score of 99.9.

In second place is Oxford with a total score of 96.4. Like the London Business School, its strengths are the employability of its students and the alumni career, where it achieves, for these two categories, a grade of 100/100.

Finally, which business school offers the best master’s in finance? As you can imagine, it’s HEC Paris again! One school used to top the list of best business schools. The Master in Finance achieved an overall score of 96.5. Its two main assets are the return on investment and the alumni career. For these two categories, the school achieves a grade of 100/100. The academic value of his education achieved a score of 99.1 and employability 98.4. The only downside is the diversity score of 71.7.

The ranking of the best masters in finance 2023 by QS: top 50

Rank School Total score
1 HEY PARIS 96.5
2 Oxford 96.4
3 London Business School 95.1
4 MY 94.4
5 UCLA 91.5
6 Cambridge 91.4
7 ESSEC 91.1
7 UC Berkeley 91.1
9 London School of Economics 89.6
10 Bocconi University 86.2
11 IE Business School 85.8
12 Copenhagen Business School 84.4
13 Imperial College Business School 83.3
14 ESCP 82.5
15 ESADE Business School 82.4
16 WU University of Vienna 81.3
17 EMlyon 81.1
18 Toronto 80.9
19 McGill 78.4
20 Peking University HSBC Business School 77.6
21 Warwick Business School 77.1
22 The University of St. The gall 76.4
23 EDHEC 76
24 WHU 75.5
25 SCHEDULE 73.7
26 ERASMUS 73.5
27 Manchester 72.7
28 University of Edinburgh Business School 71.6
29 USC 71.3
30 TEXAS 70.3
31 Florida 66.7
32 Trinity College Dublin 66
33 Boston 65.1
34 HKUST 64.6
35 UCD 63.7
36 Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University 63.3
37 Vlerick Trade School 62.8
38 UQ Business School 62.7
39 Business School BI 62.5
40 georgetown 62.4
41 Nova School of Business 62.3
42 EGADE Business School 62
43 Antwerp Management School 61.6
44 Maryland 60.7
45 Solvay 60.6
46 Georgia Tech 60
47 Cranfield School of Management 59.3
48 Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 58.8
49 audience 58.1
49 CUHK Business School 58.1

Find the full ranking on the QS site!

The ranking of the best masters in finance in France according to QS

Rank in France Rank the world School Total score
1 1 HEC Paris 96.5
2 7 ESSEC 91.1
3 14 ESCP 82.5
4 17 Emlyon 81.1
5 23 EDHEC 76
6 25 SCHEDULE 73.7
7 49 audience 58.1
8 51 IESEG 57.8
9 61 Grenoble School of Management 56
10 72 KEDGE 53.6
11 73 NEOMA 53
12 98 Excellia 48.9
13 101-110 ICN Business School* x
14 141-150 Montpellier Business School* x
15 141-150 Rennes School of Business* x

*Schools with a star are only listed alphabetically within their score bracket. The rating is missing because they did not score in all categories analyzed by QS.

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