Interview with the General Manager of ICN Business School

What is the purpose of the preparatory class dedicated to business bachelor holders?

Holders of a vocational educationThey come from different backgrounds (industrial or tertiary students), on the one hand. On the other hand, they followed courses entirely focused on their specialty and therefore did not benefit from more general courses or more oriented towards general culture or method. It is therefore a question of putting them on the same level as their peers from the general matriculation examination with teaching in mathematics, philosophy, modern languages. For the most part, they also did not have access to certain cultural events, contrary to what their peers could benefit from. The idea is also to open them up to culture through on-site visits, shows, etc.

How will this preparatory year develop? With what rhythm?

It will take place over a year with a schedule close to what we have in the last year class, so around thirty hours of lessons per week and will be located in Nancy. This preparatory class will be “placed” in the direction of student support, which will provide dedicated and rigorous supervision. Students will benefit from high quality administrative and pedagogical support; they will also be monitored for extracurricular activities, such as those linked to the acquisition of a profound general culture: visits to museums, cinema, theater, opera, etc. From this point of view, the city of Nancy, the city of arts and culture, is fantastically suited for these activities. In purely educational terms, the courses will be spread over the year, in the classic way and will be face to face. It is mathematics, French, history and geography, mostly philosophy or enough to provide a quality toolbox for students who will be ready to become a bachelor of management at ICN. At the Artem campus in Nancy, students in the preparatory year will have the advantage of rubbing shoulders with students from ICN, but also those from partner schools, the National School of Art and Design and Mines Nancy. The diversity of profiles is part of the #ATM pedagogy, which “breaks down” disciplinary silos. Business bachelor students of all origins will thus find their place, their full place in ICN.

What are the possible options after this preparatory year?

This is a preparatory class in the sense of “propaedeutics”, i.e. a “preparatory year necessary for the more in-depth study of a science”, in other words, it leads to what it is designed to do, to prepare students to enter a bachelor’s degree in management at ICN Business School. ICN Business School and its “Bachelor in Management” program have international marks, Equis, AMBA, AACSB and the degree of license, all marks that recognize the program’s quality approach and academic excellence. ICN Business School’s bachelor’s degree in management is widely recognized for the international openness of its program and the professional integration of its graduates. International openness measures the quality of partners and the percentage of program students who travel abroad. An openness to the world, which is one of the strengths of the ICN bachelor’s program with 89 partner universities in 40 countries and 10 double degrees. Professional integration relates in particular to the average salary of new graduates, their degree of professional integration and also the sectors in which they work. Graduates from the ICN bachelor’s program have an operational profile that is highly valued by companies, because they show openness, a great ability to convince and adapt and benefit from the experience both on the technical, commercial and human level. 100% of graduates who enter working life at the end of their bachelor’s degree find a job in less than 6 months. Others choose to continue their studies and join the prestigious Grande Ecole program (master’s degree).

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