Find business opportunities

Excavating business opportunities when launching into entrepreneurship is part of exchanges and dialogues between entrepreneurs. We are excited about each other’s discoveries. Interviews with entrepreneurs often begin with, how did you come up with the idea? The press is full of examples of ideas, of the paths of entrepreneurs and their progress.

If there is business anywhere, you still need to be able to find it! Good deals are not always easy to find. Here are some tips to help you.

Use the news.

The news is a mine of information and significant business opportunities when you are an entrepreneur. Use it to find business ideas that you can then develop. Bus companies such as Transdev or Stagecoach that have benefited from the liberalization of bus transport under the Macron law adopted in July 2015 to increase their business. In 2014, the Parisian luxury store Colette was robbed by two kidnappers. A few hours later, two Internet users offered T-shirts stamped “J’ai braqué Colette” on the Internet for a unit price of €25. An original idea that became a huge success as they sold out two days later.

Propose alternative solutions to what already exists.

Wanting to break monopolistic situations can be an idea to develop a business. Low-cost driving school companies such as Ornikar or PermiGo that offer an alternative solution for consumers who need to pass their driver’s license. The goal is to interfere in an already existing market by wanting to break prices that are considered high. Xavier Niel when he created his mobile phone company Free, thereby destabilizing the market shared by Orange, Bouygues and SFR. If this solution can be profitable, however, it is necessary to show diplomacy with its competitors, because they will not hesitate to put a spoke in your wheels.

Get inspiration from what is being done abroad.

Does not have a simple Franco-French vision for business. Take a look at what is being done in neighboring countries and learn from it. Originally from the United States, traveling fast food shops called Food Trucks appeared in France in 2011 with “The smoking truck”, the first concept of its kind launched on French territory by an American, Kristin Frederick. Since then, there have been more than 300 Food Trucks scattered throughout the territory, a revolution in the fast food sector! However, a concept that works abroad will not necessarily work in France and vice versa. As cultures differ from country to country, it is still preferable to study the market before starting your business.

Observe everyday life.

Sit down on your couch for a few moments and replay the movie of your day in your head. You will see that there are plenty of solutions that can improve your daily life, but that no one has created yet. Have you just lost your keys and don’t know where they are? Why not invent a small device that allows them to be geolocated? This device already exists, it is called Wistiki. It was started by three brothers who were constantly looking for their cat in the closets. Thanks to this small box, which they just have to call via their smartphone, they can find their pet more easily. Starting from an everyday problem of starting an entrepreneurial project, this is what these young French have managed to achieve.

Meet other entrepreneurs.

Discussing with other entrepreneurs can help you find business ideas. That’s what entrepreneurial clubs are for. These clubs generally offer three evening formats: conferences, which allow you to discuss a given theme with guests, practical workshops, which usually focus on a business issue, and networking evenings, which allow members to get to know each other better and discuss their future expectations or their activity if they already own a business. These clubs have several advantages: they allow you both to increase your address book, to learn from the experiences of other members and thus not to reproduce the same mistakes, to find solutions for your business by sharing the difficulties you may encounter, and also learning how to sell your entrepreneurial project to other people.

Don’t always think of creation!

Business is not always synonymous with news. If creativity is not your first quality, you can always take over an existing activity. You will thus become your own boss and will be able to manage your partners and your project without being the originator of the entrepreneurial idea that you are developing. Another solution is to associate with someone who is complementary to you. This is the case for entrepreneurs who have the idea but don’t have the technique to realize it. They most often team up with engineers who have the technical skills to carry out the project, but who lack the entrepreneurial spirit. Finally, a third solution would be to join a franchise network.

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