Agnetha Fältskog, a private life now removed from show business

Agnetha Fältskog is a Swedish singer, member of the group ABBA. Born in April 1950, the singer is now 72 years old. After years in the limelight, she chose to live a simple life. But Agnetha Fältskog does not forget her passion for singing and music. Learn more about this singer who made music history as a member of the famous group ABBA.

Long before he joined the group ABBA, Agnetha Fältskog was a singer. She has created her own compositions, the most famous of which is I was so in love (I was so in love). Discover its history and what it became.

Agnetha Fältskog, a voice ofABBA

Agnetha Fältskog is a singer, known for being part of the group ABBA, a Swedish band that was one of the world’s number one in the 70s and 80s. Agnetha Fältskog was interested in music from an early age. His father is an amateur theater producer. She learned to play the piano at the age of five. At 15, the young girl sang in an orchestra and at the same time worked as a receptionist in a car dealership.

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In 1967, at the age of 17, Agnetha Fältskog experienced her first success with I was so in love (I was so in love), one of his compositions. She continues on this path before becoming part of the group ABBA, a band she formed with her then-husband Björn Ulvaeus and a few friends. When the group broke up in 1983, Agnetha Fältskog did not forget the music, although her public appearances became increasingly rare. The singer resumed her solo career and released albums, which were also successful.

Agnetha Fältskog, a private life full of twists and turns

Group members ABBA are originally pairs. Agnetha Fältskog was married to Björn Ulvaeus. Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad was married to Benny Andersson. Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus separated in 1979. The separation of the couples preceded the separation of the group. The song The winner Takes It All is also dedicated to this separation. Agnetha Fältskog was then in a relationship with Tomas Sonnenfeld. They married in 1990, but their affair lasted only three years. The couple divorced in 1993. Since then, Agnetha Fältskog has been very discreet about her love life.

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In 1994, the singer faced a drama in her private life, her mother committed suicide. And this turn in her life made her remain very discreet for some years. In 2004, Agnetha Fältskog returned to the scene again with a new album, followed by another album in 2013. The singer decided to live a peaceful life away from the limelight on a farm near Stockholm.

Agnetha Fältskog’s children

Agnetha Fältskog has two children from her marriage to Björn Ulvaeus. Linda Elin Ulvaeus, his eldest daughter, was born on February 23, 1973 and Peter Christian Ulvaeus, his son, was born on December 4, 1977. His daughter Linda Ulvaeus developed in the world of showbiz. The famous singer from the 80s and the Swedish actress participated in the solo album in memory of her mother Nu tändas tusen juleljs (Now a thousand Christmas lights are lit) and did the backing vocals on the single When you walk in the room (2004). Agnetha Fältskog’s son, Peter Christian Ulvaeus, is also a singer.

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Agnetha Fältskog’s wealth

Agnetha Fältskog’s fortune is estimated at 200 million dollars. This amount mainly consists of income from the Swedish group ABBA, but also of his solo career. The group ABBA was born in 1970, in the origin of two couples in love with music. However, following the separation of the couples, the group also broke up in 1982. ABBA has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide during his career, almost as many as The Beatles.

Each of the members of the group became multi-millionaires. In addition, together the four members of the group ABBA weighing more than a billion dollars. When an American consortium asked them to reform in 2000, the musicians refused. And yet the deal was juicy, a billion dollars for 100 shows around the world.

against all odds, ABBA nevertheless reformed on stage in 2016. The group released the album Trip in 2021 with intact votes from its now sixty-something members. This is the band’s ninth album, which taps into nostalgia and has sold 1.9 million copies worldwide.


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