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Madame Figaro is launching its program of 4 online coaching sessions with a first meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 22. A project aimed at supporting women in their career issues and their professional/personal life balance, created in partnership with the investment and asset management company Carmignac.

There are areas in our lives where the answer is obvious, but who do we call when a big decision comes up in our career and we are in doubt? When you skate to fully take your place at work? When you want to make yourself more visible without overdoing it? Put meaning back into what we do and move on? Or not work, every month, completely lost without investing?

Convinced that all women who lead a professional career and personal life do not always have the time – or the idea – to consult a coach, Madame Figaro is launching a coaching program for those (and those in the know) who want to learn from female leaders and advice from specialist experts. Yes, why not take inspiration directly from those whose journeys seem to us to be the most exceptional? Don’t you feed on the eyes of the most precise specialists?

Here and through four online master classes (and in physics) led by Morgane Miel, deputy editor-in-chief of Madame Figaro, personalities such as the former – CEO of La Redoute, Nathalie Balla, the founder of Caudalie, Mathilde Thomas, the president of Figaret Eléonore Baudry or even Sibylle Le Maire, CEO of the Bayard Group. But also China Lanzmann, Catherine Barba, Maxime Carmignac, Olivier Sibony….


Masterclass 1: “Doing and telling people”22 November online from 9.00 to 10.30.

A masterclass to learn how to:

  • Develop internal visibility
  • Become a reference in its ecosystem
  • Build your brand image and find the right tone

With our three speakers:

  • China Lanzmann: Female leadership coach
  • Catherine Barba: Co-founder and CEO of Envi
  • Mathilde Thomas: Founder of Caudalie

Master class 2: Choosing is an art», on 13 December online from 9.00 to 10.30.

A masterclass to understand:

  • Where do the reflexes that mislead us come from?
  • How to combat or avoid them?
  • How do you approach the big decisions in a career? (and a life!)

With our two speakers:

  • Olivier Sibony: Professor (HEC), researcher (Oxford) and author
  • Nathalie Balla: Former co-president of La Redoute

Master class 3: To be way ahead“, January 10 online from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

A masterclass to know:

  • How do we analyze the world around us and build its vision?
  • How to transfer and use it?
  • Expecting to tip the odds in your favor?

With our two speakers:

  • Eléonore Baudry: President of Figaret Paris
  • Marie-Claire Daveu: Director of Sustainable Development and Institutional Affairs, Kering

Master class 4: Investing can be learnedon January 20 online and in Paris, from 8:30 to 10:30.

Free for purchasing the package or a masterclass individually.

A masterclass to learn:

  • Why do women save less than men?
  • How do you get financial independence?
  • Where to invest regardless of age and level of savings?

With our two speakers:

  • Maxime Carmignac: Managing Director Carmignac UK
  • Sibylle Le Maire: CEO of the Bayard Group

To register, two solutions:

1/ Madame Figaro business masterclass cycle, including:

  • the 4 masterclasses
  • a practical set to support you in your coaching:
  • Madame Figaro business special issue
  • 2 books of the speeches
  • 1 notebook

2/ A single Madame Figaro business masterclass

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