IT for Business – Le Magazine No. 2271, April 2022

Content of IT for Business 2271 > Dossier: Green light for greener IT and business / Survey: Post-pandemic IT department / Interview: Jean-Baptiste Courouble, Urssaf / Portrait: Sacha Lukic, Apave Group / Analysis: New trends in customer experience

It is not necessarily a coincidence of the calendars… The new issue 2271 of the magazine IT for Business is published between the two rounds of the presidential election in 2022 with folder of the month “ecology”… Understand ” Green IT“… But also” IT for Green“… Because even though IT has a significant influence on our planet’s climate and resources, it is also part of the solution. Penalty for greenwashing, difficulties in implementing an energy balance, ways to get support and support users, governance to adopt…

Discover the challenges and solutions in this file, designed to educate CIOs about the best practices and challenges of sustainable and environmentally responsible digital technology, but also about digital technology’s potential to provide solutions that will enable all companies to meet their climate commitments and CSR. Along with an agreement not to be missed: the one with the talents who, in a particularly eager digital field, are the first to dictate their terms in relation to CSR, and especially in the matter of the environment.

But this track is also an opportunity to meet people. Starting with it Jean-Baptiste CouroubleCIO i Urssaf and at the heart of a double transformation. Urssaf is an old lady with a heavy information heritage, which absolutely must be protected, preserved and utilized. An old lady who boosts her image by multiplying digital services to streamline and simplify sometimes ancestral administrative formalities.

But other meetings await you at the turn of the page in this issue…, ours picture of the month (Sacha LukicCIO for the group monkey), those from DSI, who testify to the challenges they have taken up through our feedback (corys and its simulations on AWS, CCG and its website monitoring, Thea Pharma governs its cooperation, KparK which manages its interventions in the field with Salesforce), finally those from start-ups whose innovations should inspire you and sometimes accelerate your transformation (FinOps of Lota.cloud5G deprived Fire cellthe augmented reality of CaviAR Techsafe storage of Arsen).

Finally, this month’s survey is devoted to a main topic of the moment: What leadership within DSI post-pandemic….

Welcome to the detailed summary ofIT for business none.2271.


We support Urssaf towards new horizons »
Interview with Jean-Baptiste CouroubleCIO iUrssaf


Green light for greener IT and business
A driving IT responsibility environmental
– A the sink of attractiveness and talent retention
– How CIO shall go green?


What leadership in the post-pandemic IT department?


Sacha Lukic, CIO of Apave Group
» Digital transformation is won like a game


corys switches its simulators to AWS
CCG digitize it Site supervision
Thea Pharma solves the management puzzle of Team
– With Salesforce, KparK accelerate its actions


– That responsible digitalanother mission for CIO
– You will take some metaverse ?
– The news trends of’customer experience


What digital HR practices in the post-pandemic period?


Green IT places CIOs at the heart of CSR issues


Don’t touch the piggie, Google!


– That digital as the sink transformation strategy responsible
To act for one sustainable digital !


Lota.clouda solution FinOps ergonomic and competitive
Fire cellan open source stack to implement its private 4G/5G network
CaviAR Tech do it augmented reality more accessible
Arsen secure online storage


The challenges of DNA storage

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