7 good reasons to become an entrepreneur and start your business today!

Do you want to realize your dream and become an entrepreneur? It’s the right time to start your business! Stephan Salberter reveals the 7 reasons why you should start your business in 2022.

Regardless of your age, situation or commitments, if you have an idea in mind, it’s time to launch it! Simply because if you don’t, someone else will. Here are all the reasons that will push you to take the plunge.

1° Belgian legal barriers

In Belgium, the legal barriers to entrepreneurial creations are extremely thin. They are even fully lifted. The steps to start a business are nowadays more and more easy and accessible. If your project is well thought out and established according to the rules of the art, nothing unforeseen will prevent your launch.

2° Network for your company

Some would-be entrepreneurs do not dare to start because they do not have a large enough network. There are many alternatives to this barrier. Some companies specialize in networking, such as Hors Norme. There are also many incubation companies whose task is to support people in the entrepreneurial world and all that it entails, including its network. We are founders is an incubation company whose goal is to make your company fly by itself.

3° Technology

Today, it is quite possible to start a business without having much knowledge in technology. However, if you want, there are several completely free online training courses available to help you take your first steps in technology.

4° Democratization of education

Today it is easier to train yourself. You can learn about entrepreneurship, science, technology, business creation. Today, many training courses are available on various platforms such as Youtube, Linkedln or Coursera.

5° Obtain funds

It has never been easier to get funding for starting businesses than it is today. Investments in the world of startups are only growing and experiencing great attraction. These are the companies of the future, and they attract many people every day who are ready to support many promising projects. It is not impossible to get access to funds, but your project must be well put together.

6° Willingness to engage young people

Young people increasingly want to work for projects that make sense, and most often it is their own project. They are becoming less and less long in large companies. Their goal is to gain as much experience as possible before starting out as an entrepreneur. The desire to start your own business is felt day by day.

7° Need for new stories

Finally, the last reason why it is time to start your project is that we are going through a time where we have to create a new world. We are reaching a dead end because of the ecological impact that our lifestyle has. The world needs new, less polluting and more creative business models. You have to change the course of things and create new stories. It is tomorrow’s entrepreneurs who have the power to make these changes happen.

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