the pro-Saed bickering is a distraction!

Member of Parliament and party leader AttayarHichem Ajbouni congratulated the former president of the National Bar Association of Tunisia, Brahim Bouderbala for his candidacy for the December 17, 2022 legislative election while insinuating that the latter had submitted his case to the Independent High Electoral Authority (isia) for longer periods. L’isia had announced a three-day extension of the deadlines for submitting applications during the morning of the last day of the original schedule. Sir. Ajbouni I meantisia should be described as an independent higher authority “of the elections” and that it had no connection with this electoral process.

Guest on October 27, 2022 in the program “La Matinale” hosted by Myriam Belkadhi and broadcast on the radio Shems Um, Hichem Ajbouni wondered about the lack of revision of the election decree. He recalled that the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saidhad called it a patriotic duty. Leader ofAttayar ensured thatisia had prepared a revision of the text, but that this had not happened. Sir. Ajbouni referred to the implementation of the referendum of 6 in the morning from morning until 10 p.m by decision of the head of state and without consulting the authority. He askedisia to publish the list of candidates who have submitted their cases within the additional deadlines. He described the situation as a charade and the next Kaïs assembly parliament Said.

Hichem Ajbouni believed that the revision of the electoral law prevented experts and specialists from presenting their candidacies. He reminded that chartered accountants and lawyers should devote themselves to the full-time function of deputy and no longer practice. He explained that the Parliamentary Finance Committee used to consult specialists and experts in economics, but that the majority of decisions were made by deputies and because of their visions of things. He concluded that the next parliament would experience a true deadlock at this level.

Asked about the president’s brother’s religious orientation Naoufel Said and on the conflict within the support of the head of state, Hichem Ajbouni believed that the problems which Tunisia faced was more important than this issue. He called the case a diversion and expressed his sorrow over this situation. He assured that the steps ahead have sadder sights than the heated debate between the two supporters of the president Sarhane Nasri and Hatem yahyaoui during the October 25, 2022 episode of the program “Rendez-vous 9” aired on the channel Attessia. I do not care ! Whether the President’s brother is Shia, Buddhist or Sunni, I don’t care! Our constitution, the one of 2014, guarantees freedom of worship… That of Kai Said obligates the state to defend religion… We will soon have the opportunity to oppose a law because her unconstitutionality “, he added.

Hichem Ajbouni felt that Kais Said did not intend to establish a constitutional court. He explained this by his intention to continue to interpret and apply the law as he sees fit. He believed that the president had closed the channels of communication with the Tunisian people because for him they are subjects and not citizens. He believed that communication with the people reflects the respect of a country’s leaders towards the latter.

Sir. Ajbouni pointed out the lack of transparency regarding the agreement reached between the government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He explained that the negotiations had never been so long. He specified that the deal was for 1.9 billion dollars, that is, almost six billion dinars, whereas the financing requirement exceeded twenty billion dinars. The amount made available by the IMF is almost equivalent to the outstanding credits in the old agreements between Tunisia and the fund. The MP also stressed the lack of detail on the reforms.

It appears the government has asked the IMF not to release details… We still have no information about the state budgets for the years 2021 and 2022… There is no update on the implementation of the budget… Data published in March hides the reality… The half year deficit is a distortion of reality… We can apply Decree No. 55 to the statement of the Head of Government, Najla Boudenand said the Tunisian economy was heading for “recovery”. This is false information… We are in crisis… The year 2023 promises to be tough… There is no political stability, clear vision or trust in government institutions… The salvation of the country is only possible through the conclusion of an inclusive and broad agreement on the governance of the country… This is not a return July 25th 2021 », he declared.

Hichem Ajbouni believed that the previous decade was not a real democracy and that Kaïs Said did not lead a patriotic project. He believes he is God’s messenger in charge of saving the country, according to the deputy. He believed that appointments based on political affiliation were not a real problem caution against appointing incompetent presidential aides unfit for high office. He called on the head of state to communicate his position on the agreement with the IMF and provide more details on the reforms.

Hichem Ajbouni indicated thatAttayar, EttakatholEel YomhouriEel QutbThe Labor Party and several national organizations were preparing a protest march. The initiative is open to any person or entity that does not wish to participate in the project by Abir Mossy nor the National Salvation Front.


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