the president is doing great things to fight corruption

Kas Karoui: The president is preparing to do big things to fight corruption

Member of the explanation campaign of the President of the Republic Kaïs Karoui assured that the head of state was preparing to achieve great things and make an effort immense to reform Tunisian justice and the fight against corruption. He assured that Tunisian companies declared imports to other front companies to simulate transactions. The Tunisian company declares to have bought goods for two euros each. The shell company buys the goods for one euro each from a pseudo-manufacturer. Thus, one euro per piece as a gain abroad on import. For exports, the process is the same. A Tunisian company sells goods for one euro each, and the front company buys and resells them for two euros each. room », he added, confident that he had uncovered a tax evasion operation.

Invited on October 27, 2022 by Zina Zidi on the ether Shems Um, Kais Karoui alleged that a telecommunications company made an annual transfer of funds in foreign currency of more than 1,200 million of dinars. He also criticized the awarding of contracts by the National Office of Sanitation or the Minister of Industry,Energy and Mines for foreign companies. These will carry out transactions in foreign currency. He believed that the increase in the policy rate carried out by the Central Bank of Tunisia prevented Tunisian entrepreneurs from competing with foreign companies.

Regarding the restructuring of public enterprises, Kaïs Karoui argued that the government should go ahead with the dismissal of those who did not deserve to be recruited. He called on the national authorities to declare bankruptcy Tunisair and proceed with the creation of a new national airline. He explained that Switzerland had done it. He also proposed as a solution a strengthening of the navy Tunisaircreation of new airlines and reduction of costs.

Concerning the general economic situation and the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)Quay Karoui mentioned the increase in prices of certain products in Tunisia despite the drop in prices on international markets. He cited the example of iron, copper and feed prices. He believed that the companies monopolized these sectors, increased production costs and created fictitious jobs. He believed that the government failed in its mission and did not take the necessary measures. He returned to the purchase prices imposed by the government on Tunisian farmers against buying at higher prices on international markets.

Quay Karoui called for a continuous evaluation of laws to examine the effectiveness of each legal text. He believed that the parliamentary elections in December marked the end of the political reform process. He criticized the government’s decisions. He called for ease of access to freelancers. He claimed to be against central bank independence. He believed that monetary policy should be formulated by the executive branch and implemented by a central bank.

Subsequently Kais Karoui believed that certain state representatives appointed by the head of state after 25 July 2022 had failed. He believed that the President of the Republic should not hesitate to dismiss the persons responsible for the failures, whether at the governorship level or at the ministerial level. He felt that some were mere bureaucrats and were ignorant of the reality of things.


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