A big fan of the president, Atef Ben Hassine presents his candidacy for the general election

The artist Atef Ben Hassine, supporter of the President of the Republic project, and member of the political initiative called “So that the people triumph”, to “respond to the objectives of the revolution of December 17, as well as to the July 25 process”, filed in today, Wednesday 26 October 2022, his candidacy for the parliamentary election in December.

In a status posted on the Facebook account he shares with his wife, the filmmaker explained that by running as a candidate he is responding to the “call of duty” and that he has always been on the side of the oppressed and hated politics and ideology, that separates.

For the people to triumphto “react to the objectives of the December 17 revolution as well as to the July 25 process”, is a initiative that aims to be a framework “national”, “popular”, “militant”, “horizontal” and “open” to all the Tunisian people and to all their forces who are convinced of the depth of the process on December 17/25. July to break categorically with the system before 2010, but also with it before 25 July 2021.

The authors explain that this initiative is not only an electoral tool, but a cohesive force and an intensive expression of a national project in various areas.

The values ​​of the initiative For the people to triumph can be summarized among other things in fundamental universal rights, the independence of justice, the initiation of accountability, the right to life, wealth and employment, the right to quality services, the diversified, balanced and fair economy belonging to Arab, enlightened Islamic, African civilization, international openness , independence, non-recognition of the Zionist entity and criminalization of normalization.

The signatories of this initiative are:

  • Nahed Mustapha: education expert and retired primary school inspector
  • Dhouha Arfaoui: active in civil society
  • Mbarka Brahmi: former deputy and president of the Center for the Martyr Mohamed Brahmi
  • Jalila Khalfat: academic and engineer
  • Latifa Hosni: journalist and political activist
  • Brahim Bouderbala: former president
  • Ridha Chiheb Mekki: retired high school inspector and political activist
  • Taher Tahri: community activist
  • Bourguiba Belhassen: political activist
  • Abdelmajid Belaid: political activist
  • Haykel Belgacem: former MP and political activist
  • Mohamed Zouheir Hamdi: the popular current
  • Abdelhamid Abdi: doctor and political activist
  • Taoufik Amari: doctor and political activist
  • Mohamed Ali Boughdiri: former Deputy Secretary General of the UGTT
  • Mohamed Saâd: former deputy general secretary of the UGTT
  • Nabil Jmour: journalist
  • Rafaâ Tabib: academic researcher in geopolitical sciences
  • Atef Ben Hassine: artist
  • Ahmed Chaftar: political activist
  • Islah Daoudi: academic researcher in political and strategic affairs
  • Lassâad Bouazizi: doctor and political activist
  • Mohamed Ghassen Chebbi: political activist
  • Karim Taleb: physical education teacher and political activist
  • Fadhel Mekki: active in civil society.

It should be noted that this political initiative was revealed a few weeks before the holding of the parliamentary elections and at the time when the President of the Republic announced his intention to change the electoral law that he himself had introduced. The grouping of these personalities, known for their proximity to the President of the Republic and his political project, took the form of a coalition, presumably with the aim of being able to attack the next elections with a better organization, and without this or in the form of a political party, a concept formally rejected by the president. However, it is appropriate to question the mechanisms that enable the control of such a political entity, especially on the financial level in a purely electoral context.


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