Sandkassen collaborates with the production company MK2

The Sandbox signs a new acclaimed partnership with film production company MK2. The latter now has its land in the metaverse.

Cinema arrives in the metaverse of The Sandbox with MK2

MK2the French production company specializing in auteur films, the collaboration with The Sandbox to offer his own experience in the metaverse.

This cinema themed experience takes place in MK2 land called “mk2 park”. This country is described as offering a carnival atmosphere, filled with movie references and mini-games.

Sébastien Borget, CEO and co-founder of The Sandbox, spoke about the arrival of MK2 in his metaverse:

“We envision Metaverse as a gathering place for diverse entertainment and cultures, and it’s a pleasure to welcome MK2 as our premier auteur cinema partner. Together, we plan to create an entertainment destination in the metaverse for all movie fans. »

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From cinema to the digital world

In addition to production, MK2 is also known for being a distribution company, especially for the films of Charlie Chaplin e.g.

Although closed today, MK2 also stood out in 2016 by creating the first permanent space in Europe exclusively dedicated to virtual reality. Thus, the video game world is not the first for the group, although the concept here is radically different.

Elisha Karmitz, General Manager of MK2 was excited about this new adventure in the metaverse:

“Infusing our vision into the metaverse through The Sandbox through a unique experience that celebrates cinema is an exciting opportunity. We hope to bring together film lovers from around the world in a new space of creation and discovery.”

Thus, The Sandbox adds an additional name to the list of all entities and celebrities who was convinced by his metaverse.

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