Saed has no idea about the agreement between the government and the IMF!

Karim Krifa: Saed has no idea about the agreement between the government and the IMF!

Member of the party’s Politburo Destourian Available (PDL)Kareem Krifa ensured that the recording of the chairman of the party Abir Mossy in a private clinic in the capital was not the result of his hunger strike. According to him, the deterioration of his health is due to several attacks and acts of violence committed by the police officers.that sit in and the hunger strike in front of the Ministry of the Interior disturbs the power in place… That day there was a visit from an official from the US Embassy in Tunisia… It had to be cleared at all costs “, he added.

Guest on October 26, 2022 in the show “La Matinale” hosted by Myriam Belkadhi and broadcast on the radio Shems FM, Karim Krifa revealed that nearby cafes and businesses had been ordered to close Abir Mossy in the toilet. She was not allowed to drink water. He also explained that the police officers were quickly deployed when the president of the PDL went to the toilet. Barriers have been put in place. These cases have been thrown… Wait Budhina were bullied… Female police officers are exploited under the supervision of male police officers to assault a politician who has started a hunger strike “, he added.

Kareem Krifa assured that television and radio broadcasts were mobilized to denigrate the PDL and its president. He assured that legal action will be taken against them. He denied the participation of PDL candidates in the parliamentary elections on 17 December 2022. He reminded that the PDL will take disciplinary action against any member who participates in these elections by presenting his candidacy or by giving his sponsorship. He criticized the attitude of the movement Echab and recalled that this party had joined a government coalition formed by Ennahda. He also mentioned the absence of deputies from the movement Echab during the meetings of the withdrawal of confidence of the president of the assembly of representatives of the people and the movement EnnahdaRachel Ghannouchi.

induce agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)Kareem Krifa highlighted the lack of transparency on this issue. He remembered that sit in and the hunger strike started with Abir Mossy related to the supplementary financial law for the year 2022, the budget for the year 2023 and the agreement document of more than 80 pages. He wondered about the reasons for pushing the government to hide the agreement and the budget for the year 2023 from the people and their presentation to the IMF. He assured that Kais Said had no idea about the content of this agreement and that he did not have the information that enabled him to understand the extent of the economic crisis.

Asked about the number of protesters, the party leader avoided the question and took up another topic. The member of the political bureau of the PDL assured that the Minister of the Interior, Taoufik Charfeddinhad deployed a reinforced security system during the march organized by his party on October 15, 2022. He also mentioned a ban on PDL activists from participating in the demonstration. He claimed that the Ministry of Interior facilitated the National Salvation Front demonstration organized on Habib Bourguiba Avenue on the same date. He felt that the fear of a massive mobilization had pushed on Charfeddin to adopt a policy of “double standards”.

Kareem Krifa stated that PDL will especially continue the power in place Taoufik Charfeddinfor assault, obstruction of freedom of movement, dissemination of false information and obtaining an unjustified advantage. He also claimed that bus owners were intimidated by police forces. He assured that the head of the police station in Khezama from the governorate of Sousse had assured a bus owner in the same region that the vehicles would be attacked. He revealed that the police district of Sousse had blocked the buses until they received a permit from the interior minister.

The member of the political bureau of the PDL confirmed that the minister of the interior had introduced a device that made access to the demonstration march almost impossible. He assured that several women were assaulted during this demonstration. A complaint against the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saidthe Minister of the Interior, Taoufik Charfeddin and the Director of the Police District of Tunis. Another complaint will be filed against the President of the Administrative Court. The latter refuses to take a position on the complaints about postponement of execution filed by PDL. One of the complaints was filed in May and has still not been processed. The law states, however, that the court must decide on complaints about postponement of execution within a maximum period of one month. Sir. Krifa stated that other grievances serving the interests of the present power had been dealt with expeditiously.

The illegitimate president was not even able to take an oath in accordance with a constitution he himself had issued… The deadline for submitting applications has been extended… We are living a real farce… We are against Kai Said and the Islamists… We are against political Islam… The backbone of the National Salvation Front is the movement Ennahda They are the cause of the destruction of the state… He only completes what they started “, he declared.

Kareem Krifa lamented the lack of response from associations and organizations to the electoral decree issued by Kaïs Said. He mentioned the example of the Observatory Chahed for election monitoring. He assured that this association was controlled by Wow Ben Nejma, wife of Fade Saihi. The latter was an adviser to Minister of Justice Noureddine Bhiri. He concluded that these people were sold out.


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