no lawyer challenged our support for the chairman during the general meeting

Bouderbala: no lawyer challenged our support for the president during the general assembly

The former president of the National Bar Association of Tunisia and candidate for the parliamentary elections of December 17, 2022, Brahim Bouderbala stated that he had officially submitted his candidacy on 24 October 2022. He claimed to have submitted a file containing more than 180 sponsorships in addition to the 400 required. He recalled that the residents of the constituency had encouraged him to stand for election. However, he refused to reveal the name of the constituency where he will be a candidate. He also insisted on his independence and the absence of political affiliation.

Invited on October 26, 2022 by the show “Huna melodies“animated by Ibtisem Shuikha and broadcast on the radio Diwan FM, Brahim Bouderbala believed that there was no state Bourguibianbut only one Tunisian state, which had at one time been led by Habib Bourguiba, and that the latter’s election had enabled him to gain access to the position of lawyer. He believed that the deterioration of the education system was due to the choices made since the late 1980s. He have assessed that the accumulation of bad decisions at the level of the Ministry of Education for years has led to a worsening of the situation.

Brahim Bouderbala assured that the National Bar Association of Tunisia has always been committed to defending the interests of the state. He believed that the order had contributed to the creation of the modern state and to the defense of fundamental rights and freedoms. He recalled that he had participated in several movements, even when he held the position of president of the association of young lawyers. He assured that the decision to support the extraordinary measures announced by the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saidemanated from the order’s national council. He cited on this subject the publication of a press release dated July 27, 2021. Those who opposed the July 25 measures were affiliated with the movement Ennahda or the Al Karama coalition.

They are free to have their own opinion on the matter… I was ready. We must defend the interests of the profession and lawyers. Using the legal profession to serve the interests of one party or harm another is inadmissible… I have always been against it… The moral report presented by the Order’s National Council was adopted unanimously… Abderrazak Kilani does politics and serves the interests of the movement Ennahda “, he added.

Subsequently Brahim Bouderbala assured that the use of the term “office” instead of power in the Constitution was the result of a theory developed by Zadok Belaid and not by the head of state, Kaïs Said. Asked about the deletion of the mention of the legal profession from the new constitution, the lawyer assured that there had never been any real collaboration between the order and the Superior Council for the Administration of Justice. Sir. Bouderbala assured that the lawyers members of the magistrate’s superior council did not represent the order.

Brahim Bouderbala also ensured that there was no breakdown in the communication channels between the order and itUGTT. He insisted on the friendly relationship that linked him to the general secretary of the trade union center, Noureddine Taboo. He called me before he left for Algeria “, he added.

The former president of the order believed that the adoption of a presidential regime avoided being in the same situation of political deadlock caused by the modified parliamentary regime adopted in the 2014 constitution. He assured that the next parliament will have control authority. He explained that the assembly had the right to ask questions or prepare a vote of no confidence in the ministers. Finally, Brahim Bouderbala believed that the one-person vote guaranteed the creation of a direct link between the elected representative and the electorate.


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