Only those who speak for the president speak the truth

The 2019 elections gave rise to an atypical political landscape based mainly on loyalty to the President of the Republic, Kaïs Said and its political project of grassroots governance. Those who adopt the same thought and speak on behalf of the President of the Republic hurries to explain the characteristics of this project and defend it. Supporters and supporters of the Kaïs project Said can be classified into three categories spread over different time periods due to their different interpretations of the same project.

The grassroots governance project did not see the light of day during the 2019 presidential election, but dates back to late 2011. The first cell of this project, whose functions began to take shape at the start of the first campaign to boycott the elections for the National Constituent Assembly, consists of Kaïs Said, Ridha Chiheb Mekki (aka Ridha Lenin) and Sonia Charbtithe first unit and the project team.

From 2011 until the 2019 elections, the trio worked through a popular explanation campaign and the creation of a second team made up of students from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, whose members were stationed throughout the territory. This ended with a victory in the election! The choice of “The People will“. After the announcement of the measures on 25 July 2021, other teams supporting the same project have emerged.

After the victory in the presidential election in 2019, the first initiators of the project triggered the phenomenon of the “spokesman by Kai Saidby explaining governance at its basics and communicating its details.

Spokespeople for the president have made their support for the project and their loyalty clear. Through this approach, they have revealed the link that unites them to the presidential palace and their direct relationship with the President of the Republic.

Among these advocates are Ridha Chiheb Mekki aka Ridha Lenin, who had explained the friendship between the President of the Republic and him. This would go back decades and when they had come together to develop and launch a political project that he said supported the December 17 revolution.

Relationship between Kais Said with his spokesman became clear after the meeting between the latter two at Carthage Palace on June 22, 2021. The topics discussed during this meeting made it possible Ridha Chiheb Mekki to have a space that enables him to speak on behalf of the President of the Republic. The themes were the visions developed over more than ten years and related to political governance and the electoral system.

Sonia for her part Charbtione of the first bearers of the grassroots management project, unlike Ridha Chiheb Mekki, denied his proximity to the presidency of the republic, but at the same time had expressed his support for his project.I am just one student among thousands of the President’s students, and I have said thousands of times that I am not his campaign manager or spokesman! Not even yesterday! Not even today! Since 2011 and until today, we have adopted a new method for political work in our company, and therefore there is no director between us! Me neither ! No one else either! No spokesperson! Neither me nor anyone else “, she said.

She had expressed her satisfaction with the new constitution adopted after the July 25 referendum, which in her opinion would be most responsive to popular demands and the true meaning of democracy, the republic, the rights of women and children, and would be a the constitution restores the republican system and the rights of citizens.

Sonia’s statements Charbti placed her in the second category of official spokespersons: those who support the President’s project and its foundations without communicating with him.

Sonia Charbti did not monopolize the defense of the President’s project. faouzi Yes confirmed to be part of the president’s project, by joining a think tank and work created since it sit in of Kasbah 2 in 2011. This movement called for the downfall of the system. faouzi Yes explained that during the sit in of Kasbah 2 reflection and work groups were formed and met Kaïs Said on site, as well as the rest of group thereof Ridha Chiheb Mekki, Sonia Charbti and Camel Fekih (current governor of Tunis) to assimilate the new reality.

faouzi Yesone of the members of Kaï’s explanation campaign Saidpresented at each step an interpretation of the decisions of the President of the Republic and implicitly provided more information about the governance of the bases, from the application of Article 80, through the referendum and the dissolution of the parliament until the adoption of the new constitution and the parliamentary elections in 2022.

HAVE Through the data he presents, Faouzi Yes directly affirmed his support for the president’s project, demonstrating that the two share the same ideas.

This category of spokesmen tends to deny any direct contact with the presidential palace or the head of state Kais Said although they pay attention to data, details and next steps. This category supports the president since 2011 until today.

Following the publication of the measures on 25 July 2021, a new category of advocates has emerged. It represents the third category and includes those who claim to be close to the president and claim to have knowledge of the internal affairs of the presidential palace, using the same expressions during various speeches such as “we have been contacted by the presidential palace”, “we have received promises from the President of the Republic and through the Orderly Office of the Palace” and many other countless examples.

The best known of those belonging to this category is Ahmed Chaftar who had previously claimed that the Kaïs project Said would be a work that testifies to human creativity and allows Tunisia to enter a new era. He stated that “ no one could speak for the president and anyone who claimed to represent him was either a liar or a fraud…. We are volunteers in the service of this country “.

This implicitly indicates that he was not a spokesman for the President of the Republic, but that he believed in a project that carries the same ideas as the Head of State Kaïs. Said and that he supported all his decisions, while making it clear that he was part of the explanation campaign.

Ahmad Chaftar is not the only one who mentions in his speech a closeness to the President of the Republic and his project. Harak July 25, through a statement by its regional general secretary on the revision of the electoral decree and the introduction of changes regarding sponsorships, confirmed its support for the President of the Republic.The Presidential Palace contacted us and we welcomed our proposal. We have been promised that a review of the election decree will take place in the next few hours “, he said. This statement dates back to October 13. Until October 25, no changes to the decree have been announced.

Head of State Kais Said leaves the field open for all these categories of spokespersons. It allows them to indirectly explain its project throughout the territory on the largest possible scale and adhere to it. He could have put an end to this phenomenon by behaving in the same way than with political parties. He had tried to put an end to the system based on these structures by supporting an idea according to which “he who joins a political party is nothing but a traitor”.

Nouha Mainsi

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