Interview with Jean Christophe Peron, business developer at Winsol

Jean Christophe Peron, why choose your Winsol Select Partner network?

We offer companies that join us the opportunity to distribute a wide range of solar shading solutions recognized worldwide for their design and high level of quality. Innovation is our daily guiding principle.

How do you support a new member?

Training is one of the cornerstones of our collaboration. We use highly technological products that require a good knowledge of digital tools. That is why training programs are regularly organized either in the regions or within the WINSOL Academy, at the company’s headquarters in Izegem, Belgium.

How has your network developed this year?

Since April 1, 2022, we have welcomed six new partners who now wear the WINSOL colors.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

Our motto: Always be one step ahead!

What means do you initiate to reach the individual?

We attach great importance to promoting the WINSOL brand to the general public. Our 360° communication strategy allows us to establish WINSOL’s reputation and increase brand recognition. This strategy that we have laid makes it possible to generate the commercial raw material that our partners need to develop in their activity.

What are your development goals?

We are establishing a development strategy which should have 40 to 50 partners in our network by 2025.

How do you promote exchange between the different members of the network?

We are a young network, but from autumn 2022 we will ask our members to build next year’s communication project together and establish the program of commercial offers that we set for the 2023 season.

Have you implemented new tools or new services for your partners?

Well upstream of the product, the customer experience is translated into the use of high-performance digital tools that simplify the relationship with customers and provide access to information.

What solutions do you make available to your partners?

With our Outdoor range, which covers all our sun protection products (pergolas, external blinds, screens, awnings, roller shutters), our partners benefit from a wide range of solutions adapted to each of their customers.
Innovation is in Winsol’s DNA: Our R&D department designs and develops sunscreens according to market needs and future trends. We therefore focus on functionality and durability, without forgetting aesthetics. Our product range fits perfectly into the facade of the house, regardless of its style.
Our production is a manufacture of tailor-made products. We manufacture our sun protection, screen awnings and pergolas in our production department in Aalter. Roller shutters are manufactured in Izegem, as are doors, windows and garage doors.
We are constantly investing in our machinery to be ready for the future. We expect an increase in the demand for sun protection and we are responding to the need to protect XXL berries because this corresponds to market demand. Our growth is international. The Winsol company is more than a century old, and we continue to bet on sustainable development, safety, comfort and innovation.
All our products are developed and manufactured in Belgium, which allows us to pay particular attention to their quality, without, of course, forgetting design and innovative technologies that make our products more durable, safer and easier to use and install.

What are your projects in relation to marketing and communication?

A schedule of annual operations is drawn up for the selected partners. This requires support in the development of their showroom, branding, appropriate sales tools and a reinforced online presence with personalized lead campaigns distributed across different networks and search engines (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube ads).
The fact that these campaigns are widely distributed allows the partner to be associated with our sun protection products to provide greater fame and increased visibility in its exclusive area.

And more generally, what are your projects?

We are impatient to gather all our partners to convey our philosophy, our ambition and present to them all our new products and innovations. ■

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