Hello Bank launches Hello Business, the new professional banking offer

The BNP Paribas group’s online bank sets out to conquer professionals with its brand new offer called Hello Business. An ultra-complete and very attractive offer, since for ten euros self-employed workers will be able to benefit from several banking services. What does this new offer include? Who can benefit? We explain everything you need to know about the Hello Business pro account!

Discover Hello Business

Hi Business: the new offer for professionals

After Monabanq and Boursorama Banque, it’s time for Hello bank! to tackle the professional market. A lively sector that sees more and more comprehensive and attractive banking offers flourish. After conquering individuals, online banking want to expand their customer base by creating offers dedicated to professionals, and face competition from the many pro neobanks such as Shine, Qonto or Bunq, to ​​name only the best known.

Discover the Hello Business offer

Entrepreneurship at the coast If online banks are so interested in the independent market, it is also and above all because the world of work is changing: more and more people, especially young people, are choosing individual entrepreneurship and the creation of micro-enterprises. An increasing number of customers are therefore already following simple and mobile banking services. A tick not to be missed for online banking!

Hello Business is for freelancers.

And that’s with his offer Hello Business that BNP Paribas’ online bank intends to catch up and attract as many self-employed people as possible. Hello Business is therefore a bank offer intended for self-employed, marketed at €10.90 excl. tax per month. For ten euros, the professional obtains:

  • A bank account with IBAN
  • A Visa debit card with immediate or deferred debit
  • Unlimited transfers and direct debits
  • Cover approved up to €1500
  • Free withdrawals and payments outside the euro area
  • Health insurance and legal assistance

Innovative services intended to make life easier for entrepreneurs is also included as payment by card thanks to the collaboration with Lyf Proa offers and invoice service via OneUp and one dedicated customer service in case of a specific problem or question. The real plus of the Hello Business offer? The opportunity to be able to deposit checks and cash at the counter, a service rarely offered by neobanks. ONE Cover is also included in the Hello Business offer.

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“In contrast to the offers that already exist on the market, our offer includes e.g overdraftwhich enables them to cope cash discrepancies. And of course it soothes thanks the strength of the BNP Paribas group to which it is attached.”

says Caroline Lehericey, CEO of Hello bank! France.

And online banking does not intend to stop there: new services is already planned before the end of the year, especially one business loan offer as well launch of a Hey bank!. Enough to offer an ultra-complete offer for the self-employed, and this only ten euros per month !

“We will offer independents professional financing loan before the end of 2021. The offer will be available to customers with at least six months of activity on their account. It will also be trusted BNP Paribas expertise and will adapt to all profiles, even those who do not yet have a balance.”

explains Caroline Lehericey.
An attractive welcome offer

To attract this new clientele, Hey Bank! have created one quite attractive welcome offer as new customers will benefit 2 months free when you subscribe to the Hello Business offer.

Enjoy 2 months free

Comparison of business offers from online banks

More and more online banks will therefore compete with neobanks, with comprehensive offers for professionals at low prices. So how do you navigate through this plethora of banking offers? If you are looking for a professional banking offer, here is a quick comparison of the business offers offered by online banks and neobanks.

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