“Exclusive raises 5 million euros and buys metaverse studio Polycount”

A start-up founded by French and based in Lisbon, specializing in the creation of NFTs and metaverses, Exclusible has won over White Star Capital, Tioga Capital, Stanislas de Quercize (former CEO of Cartier) and Tad Smith (former CEO) from Sotheby’s).

Thibault Launay, co-founder and CEO of Exclusible. © Exclusive

JDN. You created Exclusible in 2021. Why was this fundraising necessary at this stage of your life?

Thibault Launay. We primarily raised funds to continue recruiting talent. With this fundraising, we also acquire our first company, Polycount, which is a metaverse studio in the US, and we go from 33 people to 49.

Why did you make this acquisition?

We had already worked with them for our digital realism projects in Spatial (a metaverse platform, editor’s note) : The 5,000 penthouses we put up for sale were designed by those who paid partners to build our metaverse experiences. We have a strong synergy because our interlocutors are often large companies that want to talk about NFT, metaverse and CRM at the same time. It made sense to acquire this studio in order to have a much more complete and diversified commercial offer.

How does Exclusible stand out from the competition and the many other solutions under development?

I think we are the only ones with such a varied offer: the first activity is the NFT launch, with which we have completed fifteen NFT projects in collaboration with brands. On the site, you can build metaverse experiences, whether for internal brand projects or public projects. And finally, the third activity that we are developing is what we call NFT CRM, a way for brands to increase their income, their retention and their conversion rate using technology. We have such a wide selection that no matter what a group’s problem is, we generally have the solution to this problem.

“For Alpine, we have created a community of over 30,000 people, starting from scratch”

The majority of your customers come from luxury. Is it possible today for a brand not to have a Web3 strategy?

This makes sense in luxury because it is an industry where the concept of scarcity exists, just like for NFTs. But generally what we explain to customers is that they are not obligated to sell virtual objects. This technology can help to access new audiences or generate more conversion, more retention by creating new experiences. We are currently working with Alpine who is both a customer of NFT Launchpad for a sale of one hundred NFTs and also a customer of NFT CRM for a free coin (a free broadcast by NFT, editor’s note) which we are going to put in place, and thanks to which we have created a community of more than 30,000 interested people, starting from scratch.

In September 2022, a sale of virtual land from the Madalia platform, which replicates properties on Madeira Island in collaboration with the local government, took place on your website. At the time of this interview, approximately 150 plots remain for sale out of 500 launched on the market. Today, is consumer demand for NFT and metaverse not less than supply?

We are effectively positioned in BtoC and BtoB, and we have a very high demand on BtoB for the metaverse, so companies that pay us to develop experiences. On the other hand, on BtoC, the NFT market is bearish. To give a figure: on OpenSea (head of NFT marketplaces, editor’s note), we went from a daily volume of a billion dollars a day to ten million a day, a 99% drop. The context is much more difficult today. This is why, if we take the example of Alpine, we will sell a limited amount of NFT and next to it create a much larger free coin. Demand is already very high.

How much do you think the use of NFT can improve the customer acquisition strategy of a brand?

If a brand wants a presence on Twitter and we use Twitter ads, it costs between three and four dollars per ad. follows depending on the site, but rather between four and five dollars in our experience. For our free mint with Alpine, using anti-bot signup tools like Premint.xyz, we went from zero followers to 28,000 in a month at a cost of $0.08 per coin. follows, or 97.5% less than with Twitter ads. And once this community is in place, our analytics tools make it possible to understand who this person is because the crypto wallet provides a lot of information (portfolio balance, purchasing behavior, editor’s note). This is part of our projects: to explain to brands that NFT technology is not a scam and must be separated from speculation. In the same way that there are Google, Youtube and Facebook with the Internet, it offers several possible use cases.

Co-founder of the mining company Alliance Minière Responsable in 2015 and then of the French-speaking African service site Afrimalin in 2016, Thibault Launay was named among Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019. In June 2021, he co-founded the luxury-oriented startup NFT & metaverse Exclusible together with Romain Girbal, Olivier Moingeon, Artur Goulao, Olivier Bureau and Pierre Guigourese, and took over as CEO.

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