What is the job of a business developer? Its role, its missions…

New job, new challenge! Business developer job whose name is borrowed from the English language (abbreviated as “Bizdev”) is also known in French as the development manager.

Much more than a commercial, he implements strategic actions to increase your company’s turnover. A profession which is flourishing and which is sought after by many companies.

Seller and business developer, do they have the same functions?

The business developer is a fine trading strategist, but he is not a salesman! It has a much wider function…

According to The ParisianIt is a profession of the future, at the same time that it is at the intersection of various essential skills for both large companies and SMEs. “and” It’s a real swiss army knife » according to the website Akimbo. It is also highly sought after by startups because they always have to look for new customers, “bizdev” is his job. (source: lesechos.fr).

What sets it apart from the classic commercial is its constancy looking for new opportunities on the market, in order to increase the company’s turnover. In order to better implement his strategy, he can work with the company’s various departments, namely commercial, marketing, financial and/or legal.

Once the new client has been identified, his role is to establish a relationship of trust with his clients, and although the contract is signed, nothing is decided yet! The business developer does not execute the project! These ares sales representatives who take over and manage the technical-commercial part.

The business developer monitors the implementation of the contract remotely. “He gives the budget, explains how to orientate the offer and reveals the customer’s concerns”, clarifies Ismail Himdi. (Source cadreemploi.fr).

Becoming a Business Developer is “Personal Development”

When we become Business Developerdevelops new characteristics “which is personally beneficial” according to the wydden. Thus are many qualities stakes bysample such as the sense of listening, robustness, question marks, openness to others, fighting spirit etc. He also develops his ability to adapt to more easily understand all new situations.

In addition, the permanent challenges allow the business developer to learn a lot about himself. For example, by learning to positively push back one’s own limits, but also those of others (customers and business partners). However, it is not always easy to do this job.

The business developer often has to forge ” a mind of steel because the job is hard “always according to the wydden.

his skills?

His skills are Human, relational then analysis, marketing and aligned with the goal that we have to achieve in order not to spread according to the sector where we work and above all to have a global idea of ​​the sector ” (source: video framing)

He also moves around a lot. a business developer in an office is useless, he needs to be in the field. The goal of a business developer. is to have information ” (source: cadremploi.fr)

  • strategic overview,
  • Negotiation,
  • Ability to analyze and anticipate,
  • The strength of the proposal.

Infographic: Business developer

Synthesized portrait” Who am I ? » by the business developer of ISM (Higher Institute of Marketing). The business developer in a nutshell: ” Discover new growth opportunities for a structure to participate in revenue growth. »

Business developer
Key figures, Business Developer profession (source: blog.ism.fr)

He must :

  • Has real knowledge of the activity sector in which he practices,
  • Be curious about the latest innovations and new methods,
  • 90% of the business developer’s work remains listening. He must be aware of business partners and the market in order to find the best offers!
  • know how to negotiate,
  • Analyze a market,
  • Master the various technical aspects of his job,
  • Be imaginative to find new ways to generate revenue.

His most important qualities?

  • entrepreneurial spirit,
  • Creative,
  • Strategist, (also love numbers..)
  • Relational ease and independence,
  • Listen.

A business engine

The finesse of the business developer’s job lies in his ability to find new strategies that he discovers elsewhere in the field. It tends to become an element important to the business because it brings in money! His ability to find new markets, products, targets and partners also makes him a real pillar of the company.

Finally, the business developer is a hybrid profession between half action and half reflection. He is undoubtedly a leader who unites and leads the commercial teams.

A few schools?

To pursue a career in this profession, the best way to achieve this is to have completed an education at a business school, level Bac +3 or Bac + 5. If this is not the case, a diploma in engineering may be appropriate and constitute a good basis for qualification. Otherwise, some formations begin to develop, neoma-bs.fr, euridis-ecole.com.

Become a business developer today is a real career opportunity. On the labor market, 40% of the offers relate to the job of Sales and Business Development (source Akimbo).

Business developer salary

At the start of his career, his salary starts at €2,900 gross per month. (45 K€ on average for a junior profile up to 3 years). From 4 years of experience for a confirmed profile and up to 8 years, the business developer can earn up to €60K. In addition to 8 years, the business developer has. becomes a senior and can earn an average salary of €90,000.

Possible developments of the business developer

In terms of development, he can aim for different positions such as innovation project manager, commercial director, partnership manager or even become business development director or even general manager of a company. It is a position that offers a lot of development in terms of career.

Acquired as a business developer in video

Watch 2 videos from Oh My Job and Cadre Emploi, which give you the profile as 2 Business Developers. They tell you about their job in minutes.

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