what are the current and future technology trends?

You’re probably wondering what technologies will shape our future. What world will we live in later and what will be the innovations that will be part of our daily lives? What place do new technologies have in the same way in companies? In other words, what are the technological trends that will shape our future that will surround us in the next ten years? So many questions that deserve to be answered.

So without further ado, we’re going to reveal four emerging technology trends that are likely to follow us for the next ten years. While some are obvious and have already begun to be implemented, others may surprise you. One thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed. And you will notice that the preservation of the environment is at the heart of the issues related to the development of new technologies. As the next innovation to follow.

Green IT

New technologies should take into account the ecological and environmental aspect in their way of working. Since the technology already today represents one of the most energy-intensive poles in the world. This cannot last forever. The high computing and storage power required for new technologies to function properly will increase over time. That is why it is set as a goal:

  • ofreach zero level in terms of energy consumption
  • Set one up policy for ecological footprint targets for each layer of the various organizations.

From data centers to physical infrastructure, everyone will go through it. That is why the concepts of sustainability and energy efficiency in software, materials and solutions must be integrated. The goal is to change the codes of technology companies.

From now on, it is necessary for every company to mutate into a technology company. And you will see that in 2030 technology will be one of the most influential factors in green credentials of a group or a company. The same applies to the adoption of a policy relating to ecological sustainability in companies.

The Tesla robot “Optimus”

The big news in terms of artificial intelligence this year is of course the Tesla robot presented by Elon Musk on September 30, 2022. This robot has been Tesla’s first robot and its conductor, Elon Musk. Optimus of his name, had rather mixed first steps, walked a few meters and greeted those present.

Although Tesla, for his part, presented a video where we see him performing complex tasks, his surprisingly static appearance during his presentation raised some eyebrows doubts with the shareholders. The latter simply let it be known by sanction the title. However, Elon Musk defends himself and explains that this robot is designed for facilitate factory production and reduce production costs.

However, all this was not enough, not even the announcement of the robot’s price of “under $20,000”. Shareholders want results. This is why Tesla stock registered a decrease of 8% during this period. visible, the world is not yet ready to make room for such robots in business. Or maybe this is just a warning for future innovations in this sector.

Fortunately, there is Hiscox so some can benefit from professional quality assurance! Although Elon Musk was soon to surprise his world and why not offer one new robot prototype which can appeal to business.

The distributed cloud

The cloud has become mainstream in the way businesses operate around the world. But very few cared if it was possiblemake full use of cloud functions. Very few suspect that full and thorough use of the cloud could lead to good business results. It is with this aim of wanting to get the most out of the cloud that some companies are moving towards a completely new distributed cloud model.

The latter allows overcome latency issues, which is already something of an added value. This model allows for a use of the cloud that is strangely similar to the energy supply. That is, suppliers that utilize a distributed ecosystem on the web to produce energy.

5G edge hyperconnectivity

Finally, the highlight of the show. Based on the distributed cloud that pushes cloud services to the edge of the network, 5G edge hyper-connectivity is currently being explored to enable process data with very low latency in a distributed capacity. Tell yourself that all of this would be impossible without 5G and the ultra-efficient, high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity that surrounds it.

These holdings could soon see the light of day, then 5G will be implemented on a large scale in the world. With network capacity becoming a key element, you will surely better understand why we are witnessing strong pushes towards the installation of broadband and fiber optics. Both in the professional field and in the personal environment.

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