Style&Design accelerates vehicle personalization

The specialist in small series and car accessories is launching a white label platform for manufacturers. The goal is to increase the turnover of concessions through the personalization of private vehicles, but also utility companies.

From left to right, Vincent Côte, Ludmilla Pareemanen, Christian Janson and Olivier Meyer.

Renew your car while you keep it: car care (or caring for your car) is gaining ground among car enthusiasts. Olivier Meyer, president of Style&Design, a company specializing in industrial design (creation and mock-up including concept cars for cars), but also with an industrial manufacturing activity in accessories and the creation of small and large car series, has made it his favorite horse . already for eleven years. At the beginning of the creation of the special Mini Monte-Carlo series in 2011, the manager estimates that of the French fleet of 48 million drivers, around 20% have an emotional relationship with their vehicles and 10% belong to real car enthusiasts.

But often manufacturers offer offers to these customers only in the rational phases of meetings with these customers, for purchase, maintenance and resale. Few offers are offered between these periods. We will therefore work in the emotional phases, via personalization collections, but also sales of accessories“, explains Olivier Meyer.

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This strategy is based on the creation of an Internet platform, in white label, which is going to slip into the websites of manufacturers, offering for each manufacturer a collection of personalization to process the emotions via aesthetic accessories.

Once the collection has been selected, the customer can then make an appointment with the dealers associated with the program. “The main challenge is to build customer loyalty, to create flow in workshops and showrooms and to pick up used cars. We have to work with emotions and try to restore the value to an older car.“, continues the head of Style & Design.

Adaptation available for commercial vehicles

This offer will also be rolled out to professional customers. While manufacturers offer UV fits on behalf of businesses, the offer is usually only offered to large fleets. SMEs and VSEs are required to put stickers on their vehicle units via signboards.

But Style&Design implements a new strategy thanks to an in-house technological innovation: the sticker that does away with PVC film. Iveco has just partnered with the company to offer this service to its customers. “Just because a utility is a work tool doesn’t mean it can’t be customized. Especially since some professionals also use it in their private lives.“, explains Olivier Meyer.

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In addition to the car care offer, which will be presented with a white label on the manufacturer’s website, Style&Design has already collaborated with Iveco in the past, in particular on a limited series called Daily advance. Today, for the personalization of his VUs, it is the designer who went to look for the brand. “Iveco has an agile and flexible vision, that’s what pushed us to go to them“, assures Olivier Meyer.

A gift for the Marketing Director of Iveco France, Vincent Cotewho rejoices:”There is great demand from some of our customers who want to stand out and who are ready to equip their vehicles a little more. This partnership is an added value and it allows us to provide a high-end, premium image with an exclusive side that we immediately liked.”

Elements borrowed from the luxury sector

From 2023, Iveco customers will thus be able to benefit from an annual collection which will feature three themes available in several colours. A step will also allow VSEs and SMEs to insert, if they wish, their company logo as well as their contact details.

Style&Design offers collections that match the car’s image. The goal is not to distort the design that was developed during the engineering of the supply. Iveco models have a robust, solid appearance. So we go in this direction in our offer”present Ludmilla Pareemanen, Brands & Markets Director for Style&Design. As in the luxury sector, each collection has a name. One of them is also titled “Fall-Winter 2022”. “We pay close attention to the storytelling aspect of our designs. They must make sense“, explains Ludmilla Pareemanen.

At the moment, only new Iveco vehicles will be able to benefit from the car care offer, especially vans and chassis cabs. But Olivier Meyer and Vincent Côte do not rule out the possibility of rejecting the offer of used vehicles and other types of models. Furthermore, only France will be able to benefit from the partnership between Iveco and Style&Design. But it is not excluded in the short term that it extends to other European countries. “If we expand internationally, we can play the French Touch card“, smiles Ludmilla Pareemanen.

(With Catherine Leroy)

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