Dacia Sandero: Europe’s best-selling car for private customers since 2017

Dacia Sandero the most sold to individuals since 2017

The best-selling car in Europe for private customers since 2017, the Dacia Sandero has marked its era with its commercial success. Three generations and ever-increasing fame for this model, which has become a must-have on the car market. The secrets behind its success? A very attractive price, of course, but also a contemporary design that expresses both robustness, quality and modernity, as well as smart solutions that she was often the first to use. The genius of this model, to discover here!

Have the option to choose a new car with a smart price and spirit. To go where we want, take the wrong road, enjoy the city and the countryside, alone, as a couple or as a family with a single model. Dacia Sandero meets all needs and wishes. This model is more than just a car, it is a must-have on the market, the first choice of individual customers every year, in Europe, since 2017. But how this model appeared in 2008 has managed to convince all these buyers for three generations (2.6 million copies sold!) of different typologies without changing its basic values?

“At the time of the design of the Sandero, I drew a parallel to the work of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi and his intuition of essential simplicity – in the creation of this vehicle one must remain simple, but that the client finds the essential. »

Michel, 3rd generation program director for Sandero & Logan

The first steps towards “freedom”

First of all, some background to understand the origins of the Sandero success story. After the launch of Logan in 2004, Dacia decided to market another revolutionary model in 2008: Sandero, the city girl robust, flexible, made for everyone. A year later, The Stepway version is launched and heralds the brand’s first step towards the outdoors. With its generous proportions, its increased headroom, its practicality and its always affordable price, it is a favorite among “smart” buyers. In 2012, the second generation appeared, with a confidence rating boosted by its new safety equipment. The Sandero will thus be the best-selling car for private individuals in Europe from 2017.

“The launch of Sandero allowed the Dacia brand to take a big step and take off. Since its launch in 2008, we have always made sure to renew its design, keeping its purity, but with each new generation adding modernism, dynamism and robustness. »

David Durand, Dacia Design Director

Its Stepway version exceeds all expectations. Versatile, more practical than a traditional city car for off-road trips, but less impressive than an SUV, it conquered all audiences. Sandero is sold today at 66% in the Stepway version.

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