Business developers, the stars of 2021 – Commercial management

The positions of sales engineers or business developers had already been in tension for almost 5 years. Experts in these professions will remain particularly sought after by companies with a view to stimulating activity and development. Which profiles will be searched for? What earnings can you expect in 2021?

Business developers on the front line

Expert in the commercial environment in which it operates, the business developer implements the company’s business strategy in order to increase the turnover and the margin of its activity. In doing so, he maintains the company’s growth in the long term. This positioning makes him, even more so in the current context, a pillar for organizations.

In reality, there are as many Business Developer profiles as missions, both in small and large structures, which makes recruiting for this function even more difficult.

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Junior business developers and up to 4 to 5 years of experience will be able to flourish in missions dedicated to prospecting and acquiring new customers. The longer and/or more complex the sales cycle of the marketed product/service, the greater the professional experience required. Gradually, the most experienced profiles will develop into a role as Commercial Management or Commercial Large Accounts/Key Account Manager, or will continue their mission as a Business Developer in a role more oriented towards loyalty or within more complex and/or regulated environments (IT, Health, Insurance…).

Some specialized positions require a real understanding of the sector in which the company operates, as is the case, for example, in the environment of software and IT services. Companies will then preferably search for experienced profiles, with advanced knowledge of the technological environment for the service offered (storage, data, AI, platform, etc.).

IN conveyor start (0-2 years), Business developers can claim compensation (fixed + variable) from 30,000 to 40,000 euros in annual gross. Verified profiles (5-15 years) will be able to aim for fixed salaries at 40,000 to 70,000 euros depending on the size of the positions and the sector of activity, with 20% to 50% more variable.

Until now, a business development package has tended to include a service car as well as mobility tools such as telephone and laptop, and systematically include a reimbursement envelope for travel. The barrier movements which today lead to a change of approach in the business world could, if the situation were to continue, change the nature of the elements contained in the remuneration packages.

What are the recruitment opportunities for sales engineers?

The business developer will remain popular in all sectors of activity this year, and not, as might be expected, only in sectors that have withstood the crisis (health, agri-food, IT services and products, etc.) .

Nevertheless, the recruitment volume will depend on the activity sectors and the size of the companies. unevenly affected by the health crisis. While start-ups that have been confirmed or have recently experienced significant fundraising continue to recruit, VSEs/SMEs operating in activity sectors hard hit by the crisis (transport and logistics, real estate/ construction, aviation, etc. .) quite a lot stopped the recruitments that were foreseen before the crisis. As for large groups, they for the most part, proceed with cautionwho expect greater visibility in the autumn.

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A recovery in unprecedented conditions for business developers

After several months of severe downturns in activity, the sales engineers have resumed service under unprecedented conditions, forced into a decidedly sedentary lifestyle. It is now a question of adapting its commercial strategies to achieve the development goals that the company has set itself. Telephone prospecting, remote business meetings or, in a more limited way, respect for barrier movements: in a weakened market, the business developer must be all the more convincing to convert prospects into customers, a time when many companies are still trying to limit their investments.

In a context that is still chaotic today in terms of health, companies are fumbling to best adapt their structure to their market. If no certainty or guidelines have been achieved today, it is nevertheless a safe bet that approach to business development in 2021 will be different of what it has been so far. This will automatically have an impact on the recruitment criteria and on the way to recruiting business developers.

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