Alès: the box full of hash found in his car got him six months in prison

Three kilos of hash bread was discovered in the car occupied by Rayan S. and Yassine S. on Wednesday 19 October. The first goes into custody, the second is released.

It took the police seeing a more than suspicious card in the back of the vehicle for the banal check to go sour, on Wednesday, October 19, in the Faubourg d’Auvergne district of Alès. That day, Yassine S. was driving Rayan S’s car, present in the passenger seat. It is around 2pm and the two men are being checked by two agents from the Motorized Brigade at Ales police station who notice that the seat belts are blocked in the back. In addition, a characteristic odor is emitted from the vehicle and a pellet of cannabis resin is found in one of the doors.

Refusal to comply

The case changes when one of the police officers notices the presence of a suspicious box in the back. Yassine S. then flees, which will cause him to fall from a low wall at least six meters, and Rayan S. tries to do the same. The arrest of the latter is particularly muscular. The refugee dislocated his shoulder and suffered several bruises. The two police officers will also be subject to serious injuries, causing ten and fifteen days ITT respectively. The person who says he had a “good attitude” is finally arrested and the investigation shows that the suspicious box placed in the back of his vehicle contains 3 kg of cannabis resin packed in sticks. Resale value: €9,000.

Everything is well packed, it is the professional level

In the hours after these facts, Yassine S. himself went to the police station. He explains that he fled because he had consumed CBD and was afraid of losing his driver’s license and his job in the nuclear industry. “I didn’t run away because of this box in the back of the car. I had no idea what was in it.”

In this case, the judges struggle to separate the true from the false. The two men, aged 23 and 28, who appeared in court on Monday, say they know each other “as friends who grew up in Alès” who left that day “to go for a walk”. A trip that raises questions. Around 1:00 p.m. for lunch, the two people stopped at a fast food restaurant. Yassine S. was then absent “for about twenty minutes, to drive my car”, declares Rayan S., who swears that there was no cardboard in his vehicle before this “run”. “The box was already in the back before we stopped, promises Yassine S., father of two children and whose locker is empty, just like Rayan S. Moreover, if I had known that it contained 3 kg of cannabis resin, I would never have agreed to drive . I have a job, a salary, I don’t need this money.

He did a favor for “rachichi”

At the helm, the two men return the ball to each other but do not let. The analysis of Rayan S’s phone shows that he has several times helped “a mother” in his neighborhood who was looking for “rachichi”. François Schneider, who represents the public prosecutor, wonders when he talks to Rayan S., who says he regularly borrows his car: “Therefore, a complete stranger would have put 3 kg of hash in your back seat without you realizing it . ?

And to insist: “In this story we have two happy liars. I can’t believe either version. €9,000, for a trafficker, that’s something. Everything is well wrapped, it’s the level of professional. None of they want to accuse something else. It is the hollow demonstration of complicity.” The prosecutor then demands against Yassine S. a two-year suspended sentence, and against Rayan S. two years, including six months’ imprisonment.

The lawyers for the two defendants, Saphia Foughar and Karim Derbal play their cards. That of the prosecution’s investigation and that of doubt, which must benefit the defendants. A perfectly defended strategy that partially wins. Yassine S. is released “with the benefit of the doubt”. Rayan S. was sentenced to two years in prison, including six months, with a commitment order and a five-year weapons ban.

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