Crushed by a car in 2021, in Cantal, Poupy can now run thanks to a prosthesis

On the doorstep, Poupy scans the horizon. Not looking for a hare, but rather a car. Stigmas from an accident that nearly cost him his life, these reflexes bear witness to a trauma that lives within him. In September 2021, a driver maneuvering it overturned in Teissières-de-Cornet (Cantal). “When I saw him, I thought he was dead,” recalls Christine Baduel, his owner, with a trembling voice. He was inert. The driver of the car got out and told me: “he is dying”. His heart was beating very slowly. I think he left. At 2 years old at the time, the golden retriever cross French spaniel almost didn’t make it. “I work in the emergency room. I had seen the ER doctors call out people’s names when they were in this trance. So I called his name twice. Good strategy: the dog suddenly straightens up and takes refuge in the enclosure where he was born, where he grew up with his mother, who had already died at that time.

His paw was no longer innervated, he was tapping it, hurting himself, not healing.

“We took him to the Clinique des Volcans. The vets did not dare comment on his prognosis: his spine was in serious condition and his right leg was badly damaged. The next day Christine Baduel discovered him alive. Relief. Eight months of osteopathy and acupuncture sessions follow.

As he struggled to move, Poupy systematically lost his balance. “He fell forward head first…He felt he could still lean on his leg,” recalls his owner, who always refused to amputate him. “He’s only 3 years old… He’s young. I wouldn’t condemn him. »

A dog with unwavering support

If Christine Baduel is so involved for her dog, it is because an immense complicity has been created between them. “Poupy… it’s a dog that…” With tears in her eyes, she continues: “It’s a dog that brought me a lot during the imprisonment. I worked at night in the emergency room in Aurillac. It was hard. He helped me take the shock. When I came back we went for a walk in nature. We have good walks here.”

Poupy’s paw is now getting better.

Amputating his right leg was not an option. “I was looking for a way to give him effective help. I bought splints on the Internet, socks on purpose…” In vain. Until the day when one of her friends tells her about prostheses. “She told me: they do that for humans, maybe they can do something for Poupy. On the same day, the measurements are taken by prosthetist Protheka’s team in Aurillac. “It was the first time they had made this kind of rail. “But the quality of the device exceeds Christine Baduel’s expectations. “It brings him back to life. He can run again, he plays…”

Made to measure, it was offered by the prosthodontist. It allows the owner to perform grooming on the paw of his dog. “It doesn’t hurt him, and it lets air through: his wounds, the very ones that hadn’t healed for a year because he kept bumping into them, are starting to dry. His secret to speed healing was told to him by his vet: honey and thyme essential oil. A salve which seems to work and which has the advantage of greatly pleasing Poupy. “He likes the sweet taste…” Today his paw is healing and he is leaning again on this paw that was condemned


Anna Modolo

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