Collection car fleet insurance

Do you own several vintage cars? A collector motorcycle, a Jaguar, a Ferrari or a Jeep over thirty years old? Collector car fleet insurance gives you protection for several period cars with a single contract.

What is collector car fleet insurance?

that fleet insurance agreement for collector car aims to cover all older vehicles in a fleet with a single contract. Originally reserved for professionals, it can now be taken out by individuals for their personal fleet. This specific type of insurance is particularly suitable for vintage car collectors.

  • The joint contract simplifies procedures and administration, with the same expiry date for all vehicles in the fleet. It also avoids overlapping guarantees between car insurance companies.
  • Decreasing rates based on the number of insured vehicles saves on the size of the insurance premium. They are considered beneficial from the other collection vehicle.
  • Insurance packages can be customized for each insured vehicle with different levels of protection or optional guarantees. You can adjust the level of coverage according to the value of the vehicle, its age, its usage, etc.
  • The contract can too combine the insurance of other vehicles in the fleet : modern car, utility vehicle, motorcycle for daily use… We are then talking about an insurance contract for a mixed car fleet.

What is a collector car?

According to the Motorway Act, collector cars are machines built or put into circulation for more than thirty years. They must no longer be produced and must have been stored in their original condition. In other words, any repair must not have changed their technical characteristics. However, some insurance companies insure vehicles as collection from twenty years, even ten years for some models, according to the official coast.


What is the gray collection card?

Old vehicles that meet these criteria can apply for the collection registration card. Its attribution is neither mandatory nor automatic. The mention on the registration certificate makes it possible to obtain specific plates, to drive without geographical restriction and to place the technical control. The request is addressed to the state services or to an approved professional. It requires a certificate from the manufacturer or from the French association of vintage cars, FFVE.

As with any naval contract, a fleet car insurance for collector car works without bonus-malus system. A main driver is appointed for the entire fleet of household vehicles. A secondary conductor may also be appointed. Collector’s fleet insurance is not available for all types of profiles, especially young drivers.

Some insurance companies condition subscription on one or more criteria:

  • Have had a driving license for more than three years. Not for being a young driver, that is.
  • Have a minimum age, usually 25 years old.
  • Not having caused or suffered more injuries in the past years or months.
  • Be insured for another vehicle.
  • Get a bonus of at least 25% on this classic car insurance.
  • Use the vehicle as a hobby object. In this case, the owner of the vehicle must have another means of transport for daily trips.

How much does collector car insurance cost?

that insurance price for a collector fleet recalculated each year according to the vehicle fleet or loss experience. In the absence of a reduction-increase coefficient, the calculation of the premium is based on a large number of criteria. The average costs are therefore highly variable.

  • Driver Profile: The primary driver, and to a lesser extent the secondary driver, partly determines the level of risk to be insured. Experienced and with a minimal number of damages, they benefit from better prices.
  • The characteristics of the vehicle: the make, the rarity, the agreed value, the Argus rating, the condition of the vehicle… The insurance premium varies according to the vehicle.
  • Use of the vehicle: the price conditions are different for an old vehicle that is taken out of the garage once a year or once a day. Some classic car insurance quotes do not cover vehicles used for daily trips.
  • Level of guarantee: Third party car insurance is the cheapest as it only integrates the basic liability guarantee. The all-risk formula provides the best protection with a higher premium. Optional benefits also increase the premium amount.
  • The number of vehicles: The more vehicles that are insured, the more attractive the reduced rates.

    Good to know: discounts for collectors’ associations


    Some insurance companies offer a rate discount on the subscription to members of associations of collectors of old vehicles.

Which vintage cars should be insured with a collector car fleet contract?

Despite its name, this type of insurance contract does not only concern cars. According to the insurance companies, it can integrate any type of land vehicle:

  • The cars;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Cyclos (scooter, Solex, motorcycle, etc.);
  • tractors;
  • Supplies, RVs…;
  • The heavy weights;
  • Agricultural vehicles;
  • Military vehicles…

With which guarantees must a collector car be insured?

It all depends on the needs and the vehicles. Collector car fleet insurance is available under the various classic insurance formulas. Extremely modular, it can be customized with numerous additional guarantees.

Fleet Insurance Formulas

  • A third party formula covers damages caused to others through liability insurance.
  • Intermediate car fleet car insurance offer a compromise between third-party insurance and all-risk insurance. They can be more or less extensive with fire, natural disasters, theft, etc.
  • Multi-risk collector car insurance includes a damage guarantee against all accidents. It protects the driver, passengers and third parties in the event of material damage or bodily injury, even in the event of an at-fault accident.

Additional Warranties

  • An extension of trailer warranty extends coverage to a trailer.
  • An assistance guarantee provides towing or breakdown assistance in the event of a breakdown and stopping of the vehicle. It can provide transport home to the repairer, with or without excess.
  • ONE glass breakage guarantee indemnifies the windows in case of vandalism or accident.
  • That driver protection provides better cover for personal injuries as a result of a traffic accident.
  • Legal protection provides criminal defense in the event of a dispute before the law.
  • That warranty accessories covers fittings and fittings of old vehicles.

Choosing the right collector car fleet insurance, define your needs before requesting multiple quotes. Compare the guarantees offered as well as the exclusions and deductions provided. In the absence of a designated insurance company or to compare your broker’s proposal with other insurance offers, use our comparator : you will benefit from an overview of the insurance contracts for your fleet of collector cars. All you have to do is subscribe!

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