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The French Netflix series, Family Business, follows the ups and downs of Joseph Hazan, his family and their unorthodox business. As France moves towards legalizing cannabis, the Hazans are converting their struggling kosher butcher shop into the country’s first marijuana-friendly cafe. But as is often the case with drugs, things go wrong. The family faces the wrath of the police and the cartel in their attempt to turn the family slaughterhouse into a “Beucheurie”. Full to the brim with rude characters, ridiculous situations and a dysfunctional but close-knit family, Igor Gotesman’s direction is guaranteed to elicit laughs and gasps. After all, how often do we see brave grandmothers growing weed?

Season 1 of Family Business was released on June 28, 2019 and received praise for its quirky plot, tongue-in-cheek Franco-Jewish humor and twist on the family business concept. An easy and entertaining watch, fans will naturally want to see more of the Hazan family. But to the dismay of many, the series ends with its third season. Why is Family Business not coming back? Is there a chance for a season 4? Let’s find out.

A release date for season 4 of Family Business?

Family Business Season 3 premiered in its entirety on October 8, 2021 on Netflix. It contains six episodes lasting 33 to 39 minutes each.

As for season 4 of the series, here is the information you are looking for. When Netflix announced the renewal of Family Business for a third season on October 2, 2020, it also pointed out that season 3 would be the series’ last. While the news is certainly disappointing, it makes sense for the show to end with its third season as all the conflicting storylines in it are finally resolved. In general, a shorter run ensures that the content stays fresh, the plot doesn’t get too convoluted, and the production costs stay in order.

The final season of Family Business effectively encapsulates the destinies of the characters. Hazan escapes the monastery and the cartel’s clutches. They also manage to fake their own deaths, escape the law, embrace new and old secrets, and reunite with the rest of their family and friends in Paris. With no more twists and turns for the Hazans to handle, Season 3 ends on a high note.

So it looks like we’ll sadly have to say goodbye to Family Business as the series officially ends with Season 3. Given that all of the characters’ story arcs in the final season have a satisfying conclusion, it’s highly unlikely that Family Business Season 4 will ever be made. The cast and crew took to social media to talk about their journey on the show and express their love for fans who have enthusiastically supported “Family Business” throughout its four seasons.

It’s clear that the cast, well known and loved in France, share a warm dynamic reminiscent of the bond between the Hazans and their friends. Platforms like Netflix have allowed people all over the world to experience different actors, shows and stories, making “Family Business” a hit. Who knew we’d come to love a show that revolves around a quirky French family that grows Pastraweed and FalafeLSD?

It may be the end of the story for Family Business, but sad fans still have a chance to check out Netflix’s diverse lineup of weed-themed shows. To begin with, there is Disjointed, which, like Family Business, mixes themes of family, business and cannabis. There are also cooking shows like Cooked with Cannabis to satisfy all your cravings for food, laughter and a good ride. And of course, there’s always the chance to revisit Family Business and rediscover its unconventional mix of family, friends, weed and mushrooms!

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