What is the cheapest DS4 worth, with a mini petrol engine?

The DS4 didn’t break through. Technically identical but benefiting from completely different plastics, this luxury Peugeot 308 actually struggles to find its audience given the prices charged. It is only ranked 53rdth rank of best-selling models in France (5,300 registrations over nine months), far behind main competitor Mercedes A (35th). And yet the Mercedes divides itself into two models, the A and the raised version GLA (43th)! The DS4 even comes behind the Audi A3 (49th). As for the 308, it is seventh. DS is really having a hard time. And abroad it is worse!

This 4.40 meter five-door sedan, produced in Rüsselsheim, Germany at an Opel factory, has been available since the end of 2021. After testing a diesel almost a year ago, we’re back behind the wheel of a 130bhp DS4 petrol, which is the range’s most “affordable” proposition. We find the original line, with successful proportions, but with sloping bow and stern and broken lines on the sides and rear three-quarters. We like it or not. Critics will fault it for a bling-bling side, those who like it will applaud the fact that a DS4, so designed, stands out on the street. That was the goal.

What luxury inside!

However, what seems to us to be objectively questionable are the very sophisticated flush door handles. The grip is uncomfortable and you pinch your fingers a bit when you grab them because they have a sharp edge… In addition, they unfold too slowly. Note in passing that the closing beep will wake up the neighbors if you park late. In terms of access to the trunk, it is equally caricatured. You have to slip your hand between the bottom of the tailgate and the top of the bumper in a small and usually dirty gap. We will certainly object that there is hands-free access to the tailgate… But you have to sweep under the bumper at least twice for it to work. But why make it so complicated? As for the load threshold of said trunk, it is far too high and the space to shift the load there is insufficient.

The interior seems to us, subjectively, more successful than the exterior, a little flashy. Our test DS4 Opera is very smart, undoubtedly, with a brown interior ambience, beautiful leather seats, wood or aluminum veneer of the most beautiful effect. The plastics are nice and some generously padded. The finish is in any case worth a Mercedes A or a BMW 1. In our advanced version, it even outperforms its two rivals. Bet succeeded in this regard. It all appears sumptuous, rewarding. And hot too. Never has a French woman seemed so refined until now. Encourage.

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