Family Business: Will There Be a Season 4?

The Hazan returned on Friday, October 8 on Netflix for season 3 of Family business, composed of 6 episodes always as delirious. But should we expect a sequel, and hope to see Jonathan Cohen and Gérard Darmon again holding their famous “beucherie”? We make the collection. Sorry, period. We take stock…

To order Pastraweed, fried weed, sauchichon, rospliff, shepherd’s pie or duck breast, one address: Family business, on Netflix. The wild French series, created by Igor Gotesman (already behind Actor(s) Where Five), imagines the adventures of the Hazan family as son Joseph (Jonathan Cohen) convinces his father (Gérard Darmon) to turn his kosher Parisian butcher shop into a “beucherie” because he thinks he knows that soon there will be made cannabis. legal in France. Obviously, nothing goes as planned and the whole family will engage in illegal activities, even flirting with organized crime. Family businessin fact, it’s a bit like the unlikely cross between breaking Bad and H

From Season 1, Family business has established itself as one of the funniest French comedy series at the moment, if not ever, appearing every season in trends on Netflix. This season 3 is of course no exception. A fine performance that confirms the success of Family businesswhich for the record is titled in Quebec Everything goes up in smoke. Because why not…

Family Business: Hash or No Hash for a Season 4?

For 3 seasons we have therefore followed the adventures of the Hazan family, overwhelmed by the incredible success of their Pastraweed, developed by the grandmother, Ludmila (Liliane Rovère), for absent from a season 3 that we guess on tour with great health restrictions after the coronavirus- pandemic (if you haven’t heard of it). After escaping from prison thanks to their friend Enrico Macias, in his own role, the Hazans were kidnapped by a dangerous Colombian cartel and these 6 new episodes show us their many escape plans, each more improbable than the others, while in Paris, Aïda (Joseph’s ex), her brothers Youssef and Ali, as well as Clémentine (with answers that are still as crude) try to find them. Gags follow one another, with passages, sometimes deserving South Park, like the twists and turns, with many revelations. Including the series’ future…

Praised on social networks, the series Family business could she be back for a season 4? Despite being open-ended, this one is like the legalization of cannabis in France: not on the agenda at all. From the start of Netflix’s communication campaign around season 3, it was announced that this season would be the last, and the plot seems effectively closed. We won’t tell you how, so as not to spoil it if you haven’t watched season 3 yet Family business, or even the intractability of the series. We can only advise you to do it, especially since it does not take much time: the three seasons consist of 6 episodes of about 35 minutes. There was real character development, incredible lines, cult gags and a freedom of tone that is too rare in French fiction.

Have the fans’ hopes gone up in smoke?

Nevertheless, hope is still there because once again the end of season 3 is off Family business leaving the door open for a reunion with the Hazans, forced to start fresh. We have already seen series initially canceled having the right to a final season, such as Lucifer Where Gilmore girls a few years later, thanks to fan pressure. But can it be as strong for a French series? Nothing is less secure. It therefore appears that for Family businessseason 3 was the end point.

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