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Quickly discover our 5 tips to keep calm in the car in all circumstances, and face all traffic jams without freaking out.

It’s not always easy to be relaxed in traffic… Time spent in traffic leads to stress and fatigue, all of which accumulate from week to week.

By implementing a few good habits inside and outside of your car, you will be able to become more patient and take care of your mind. Here are some tips to test as soon as possible to be more relaxed behind the wheel!

A flawless organization

First step before you hit the road: make sure yoube perfectly organized. Plan your daily routine to leave as little room for the unexpected as possible. Plan your departure times, monitor traffic conditions via a dedicated application downloaded in advance on your smartphone, make sure the tank is full.

If the temperatures were negative overnight, plan a period before your departure time because you will need to defrost your vehicle.

Becoming zen in the car rhymes plan a margin ahead of your schedule. Not only will time never be wasted, but you’ll also arrive at your destination much more relaxed.

In the same way, invest in a GPS or a smartphone application is essential to avoid unnecessary stress.

Finally, for longer journeys, plan and visualize your route taking into account break times, motorway service areas and alternative routes in case of traffic jams around major cities. Be all the more efficient and precise in organizing your journey if you have an arrival time to respect.

A facility at the top

This is a habit that we think little about and yet plays an important role in our state of mind behind the wheel: the way we sit in our vehicle. On a daily basis, you are more comfortable in your perfectly tidy and organized home, right? The same applies to your car. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed in a clean and organized car so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

So remember to keep the cable for your GPS or your smartphone, if it functions as a GPS, as well as the cigarette lighter charger in the immediate vicinity. Don’t stay far from you either a water bottle : we are less concentrated when we are dehydrated.

If you can, choose comfortable clothes and shoes to drive, especially on longer trips. Having a pair of sneakers on hand will make you more comfortable if you have to wait a long time in traffic jams.

Avoid eating in the carconcentration and digestion rarely go hand in hand.

Finally, to guarantee you maximum comfort during your driving time, why not test massage and/or heated seats? This device can save you from the back pain associated with long periods in the car.

Natural tools to relax

To minimize the effects of stress and nervousness on your body when stuck in traffic, you should consider natural solutions. There are essential oil diffusers that you can install in your vehicle using the cigarette lighter. To stay zen in the car, you should prefer essential oils of lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and geranium.

Another option to keep calm in the car: use a roll-on composed of essential oils relaxing. This compact format can be used at any time of the day, simply apply it as a massage product on the temples or on the wrists. An important thing to have in the glove compartment!

Breathing exercises in the car

Breathing is an important ally for keeping calm in the car. If you’ve been stuck in traffic for an indefinite period of time, now is the time set aside five minutes for a few quick breathing exercises which will promote your return to calm.

Follow these two steps for a moment of express relaxation: inhale as you inflate your belly, then exhale as slowly as possible. The longer the exhalation, the better your relaxation. Do this breathing exercise several times, focusing on the rhythm and path of your breath.

So take the time to relax the muscles in your face, your shoulders and finally your stomach as much as possible. Only a few minutes are needed for this exercise and the benefit will be maximum.

You can also set aside three minutes for a moment of mindfulness meditation, which is much more accessible than it seems. All you have to do is breathe calmly and deeply and then focus exclusively on the sensations of the breath.

If you are distracted by a thought, gently bring your focus back to your breath as if it were hanging by a thread and you pull it towards you. These moments of stillness will help you on your journeys and bring you back to a state of calm.

Get Zen in the car, in music!

To focus on something positive and attractive when stuck in traffic, consider getting on board an effective playlist! Again, plan ahead so you don’t get caught off guard.

Whether your playlist contains pieces of music that you enjoy or the latest podcasts that you haven’t taken the time to listen to yet, the goal above all is to change opinion entertaining.

As you have understood, these tips are meant to help you focus on something other than your stress when you are stuck in your vehicle during traffic jams. To avoid unnecessary anxiety, think twice prepare in advance.

Simple tools like a GPS, an essential oil diffuser and an energetic playlist can be enough to counter the negative energies generated by traffic jams.

The above advice also applies in many situations in everyday life. Preparation and organization are actually essential habits for integrated into your routine daily when you want to fight against stress and anxiety.

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