When sport and business combine, it makes for Franco-British meetings around the Ovalie

Double “crunch” this Saturday in Armentières. One hundred business leaders from the region and Great Britain, lots of entertainment and France-England rugby on the Léo-Lagrange lawn.

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On Saturday, Armentières becomes the economic center of the region. Jean-Louis Merten, commercial assistant and manager of the rugby section of the Léo-Lagrange club, is very proud to be able to present Saturday’s event. It must be said that there is something. Imagine a hundred business leaders, half French, half British, landing in the city of the Internet for a major economic conference, all combined with a rugby classic, a France-England, it must be admitted that it looks good.

Originally, it was the business department of the regional council that had planned to surf the future Rugby World Cup to organize a wide range of events. ” Initially, all this was planned for September 18, a date when the federal clubs played… “It was therefore necessary to find a new headquarters, and it was therefore the Armentiérois club that positioned itself. ” But in the end, the fight is a bit of a pretext. »

Crunch infographic

Because, and this is the whole point of the meeting, it is the economic meeting that remains at the heart of the event. “
The goal is to connect companies that are interested in meeting and working together
“, continues the chosen one. In the morning, at the high school Île-de-Flandre, all business leaders meet for a series of conferences. An opportunity for all the bosses, but also for the city, which intends to use it to promote itself. This moment of exchanges and possible rapprochements will continue throughout the day in the business village set up on the forecourt of the stadium.

Abdelatif Benazzi at the helm

But this “crunch”, the name of the matches between France and England, will obviously not be only financial. He will also be athletic. And as often with CLLA, the general public. ” Abdelatif Benazzi, former France XV captain, will offer young people an introduction to rugby. All high school students in the area are invited, social centers, our young graduates… Following the model of the traditional Nivesse challenge, which gathers around 850 girls from CM1 to sixth form every year, the club will once again be able to promote itself here. And why not, attract new rugby players…

To end on a high note, pre Armentiérois, a selection of local players will be up against the Watford club, who are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary and are managed by Sir Elton John himself! A meeting which, according to the specialists, should be balanced, the two formations developing at roughly the same level, and which should gather a lot of beautiful people in the stands. ” There will certainly be many personalitiessmiles Jean-Louis Merten. Including many previous international matches… »

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