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Today, looking for and buying a used car online has become a natural reflex for many French people. You still need to make the right choice among the thousands of models and, above all, find the reliable platform to make the purchase.

2021 will have been a record year for used car sales, according to AAA Data. A significant trend in the appetite and confidence of the French in this type of market. This is due, among other things, to e-commerce, which gives motorists the opportunity to get better information and access a wider selection with almost immediate availability. Among these platforms, heycar was able to quickly find its place and differentiate itself from its competitors.

What criteria to buy your car online?

Buying online has the advantage of being quick and easy, but requires some vigilance. Especially for a car, whether it’s used or not. First of all, you need to have a precise idea of ​​your search criteria and the use you want to make of your new vehicle: city car, SUV, electric, 5-door, automatic transmission, etc. This step allows you to filter and find the most suitable ones models. To supplement this research, consider looking at online reviews and self-tests, which can be helpful in confirming your choices.

Once you have identified a relevant ad, read the description carefully and check the vehicle’s traceability. Don’t hesitate to ask for history and provenance. Check the consistency of the information between the gray card and the car, the previous technical inspections. In addition to the administrative points, it may be a good idea to view and test drive the vehicle to check its maintenance as well as a few checkpoints. Before that :

  • Walk around the vehicle to ensure the condition of the body, especially the paint,
  • Check the condition of the tires,
  • Remember to bring any bulky items that you normally bring, such as a pushchair,
  • Feel free to lift the hood, check all fluid levels,
  • Make a comparison with the information in the ad,
  • Ask to test drive the car. Nothing beats a real immersion on the road, because it’s an opportunity to try out turn signals, headlights, wiper blades and much more.

And what happens when you want a 100% online course without having to travel? What are the possible guarantees in case of a problem? In this case, you should choose a platform for the sale of professional used vehicles. An interesting and useful option that can save you from some mistakes.

heycar: the trusted platform

Launched at the end of 2021, heycar is a digital platform for used cars exclusively from partner dealers. The new online car buying site is currently the only one that offers a marketplace for trusted dealers with a very large fleet of cars, all makes and models combined. A selection of vehicles can even be reserved and delivered to your home. heycar selects each of its partner dealers and ensures that all offer guaranteed and checked vehicles, thus attesting to the car’s good condition. Enough for you to choose your car with complete peace of mind with obligations such as:

  • cars less than eight years old and less than 150,000 km,
  • A quality control of a minimum of 128 points: engine, chassis, electrical system, etc.,
  • A minimum warranty of one year,
  • Exchange of your old vehicle*,
  • A complete administrative inspection of the vehicle (accidents, thefts, etc.).

Buying a car online can be a convenient, economical and time-saving option. Today, cars drive very fast. A problem that heycar is fully aware of. Just in case you are afraid of missing out on that rare gem, the booking option on the platform assures you of its availability. Conversely, if you are unable to travel, you can make your purchase 100% securely online, with the option of home delivery in mainland France and the option to change your mind within the legal cancellation period of 14 days.

the heycar site guarantees you peace of mind when buying a car online and even after receiving your vehicle.

*terms according to heycar partner dealers

This content was produced in collaboration with heycar. BFMTV’s editorial team did not participate in the production of this content.

In collaboration with heycar

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