Metaverse: how to find love based on the NFTs you have?

Single looking for your soulmate? What if we told you that you could find it in the metaverse, thanks to your NFTs?

Between scams, fake accounts and privacy issues, classic dating apps are starting to lose popularity. Fortunately, it is now possible to find love in the metaverse with the help of NFTs and crypto.

Through the metaverse you can find your soulmate based on the NFTs you have and many other criteria. The concept is admittedly still in its infancy, but it already looks very promising. If you are single and looking for true love, read on.

Dating in the metaverse: metaMATCH

Created by influencer Emily Lyons, the metaMATCH application was set to be released in the coming months.

Emily Lyons says she started metaMATCH after noticing that the human side wasn’t present enough in dating apps. “Until now, the online experience has given us many shortcuts, but it only connects people based on superficiality. We become so obsessed with our online personas and the idea of ​​perfection that many of us forget who they really are and the type of people they can have a meaningful relationship with.”

metaMATCH will be launched in the next few months. Initially, the app will connect people based on the NFT communities they belong to and the non-fungible tokens they own. The app will also be able to identify commonalities based on shared psychographic data and match them based on the online behavior of each of the two parties.

“Many dating apps rely on the principle of ‘scroll left or right’, but we believe that people are more than just a picture. With features like ‘in your brain’ and on the chain‘, we want to help people connect on a deeper level and create meaningful relationships,” says Lyons.

The app also works as a matchmaker (tool to connect two people with common interests) hybrid. In addition, users can book a coaching session with dating experts and get tips on how to have a good conversation, what to wear on a first date and how to avoid first date stress. . So if you’re a crypto geek looking for true love, this app might just be for you.

dating DAOs

Yes, there are currently DAOs dedicated solely to dating. To learn more about the concept of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations)we invite you to read this guide.

Simply put, a dating DAO is a dating app similar to Tinder or Bumble, except it’s blockchain-based. Each DAO has rules and guidelines that are dictated by the community and written in a smart contract.

So why are these dating DAOs replacing classic web2 apps? Well, simply because people are tired of “swipe left, swipe right“.

In the beginning, web2 dating apps had it all. The people were more or less serious, the scams were not very common and the features were interesting. A few years later, most of these applications have turned into veritable nests of fraud.

Today, dating DAOs allow community members to shape the ecosystem in a completely decentralized way. The latter can decide at any time how the profiles are “matched” with each other and modify the processes.

The example of Metacubes

Metacubes, an app Date-to-Earn based on web3, is a good example.

According to the founders of Metacubes, the model Date-to-Earn makes the application completely different from conventional platforms. “With our platform, users can use NFT avatars to venture to different cities, meet people, build relationships and chat with other members.”

However, to sign up for the app, users need to create an NFT at a cost of 300 USDT (about $300).

For Premium subscriptions, members must have rare NFTs, which allow them to unlock advanced features like the ability to “rematch” with someone, etc.

Even better, users can even earn crypto on their search for love. Rewards are based on platform usage, open discussions and established relationships. A concept that seems quite interesting, especially since the application has almost 15,000 followers on it twitter account.

Date-to-Earn: a promising concept

However, it should be noted that there is no guarantee that dating DAOs will succeed. In fact, most dating DAOs created around the start of 2018 have fallen into oblivion.

However, the Date-to-Earn concept could give these dating DAOs a new boost as it allows you to kill two birds with one stone: find love and earn crypto.

Dating in the Metaverse, a new dating platform on the metaverse, allows its users to meet other members and ensure that they are not fake accounts. In addition, the app offers its users the opportunity to do staking and many other crypto activities.

According to the founders of TryYou, we are at the beginning of a new era ruled by blockchain. “Some industries have already embraced new era technologies, and many are devoting significant resources to developing and adapting their businesses to keep up with changing standards of practice. But the online dating industry is still lagging behind.”

As web2 dating apps begin to lose ground, web3 apps may replace them. “Dating apps and websites are missing some key elements that blockchain can provide them, including trustless verification capabilities, immutability, decentralization and smart contract validation.”

If you use online dating apps2, you’ve probably come across scammers or people asking for money for sex. Can web3 apps solve this problem?

Granted, these apps are still in their infancy, but if you’ve already met your soulmate in the metaverse, let us know what you’ll name your first child.


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