Medhioub accuses the interior minister of inventing cartoon stories

The deputy of the Ennahdha movement and assessor of the president of the parliament, Maher Medhioub, sent on Friday, October 21, 2022, an open letter to the minister of the interior, Taoufik Charfeddine, in which he encourages him and advises him to do his job far from the “losing” of the president of the republic political battles.

I urge you with all good will to do your work without zeal and without guilt, in a professional and accurate manner and to guard against injustice (…) Any extremism or eagerness to serve fleeting political goals does not benefit you professionally and will not benefit you politically. You and your president will be held accountable for it, one day or another. Today and at the last turning point of Kaïs Saïed’s agenda, you seem to want to reproduce the past by using funny fables to demonize legitimate social movements in the face of inflation and the high cost of living “, wrote Maher Medhioub.

He thus evoked, speaking of fable, the enigmatic press release from the ministry on the arrest of the brother of a former presidential candidate in 2014 and the addition of the name of the son of a president of a Tunisian political party to the list of wanted persons. The ministry said the former presidential candidate was under investigation for money laundering. His brother is said to have hatched a plan to cause trouble in Kasserine.

As usual, instead of telling the president the truth, the whole truth, that these movements are real and that the people are hungry, tired and sick of a powerless, silent and closed government, instead of the call to open up to the people and global dialogue you invent comical stories about brother of a former 2014 presidential candidate and that son of a president of a Tunisian political party who would be behind Kasserine’s movements (…) In the end, only the immutable truth will remain and you will have to choose to remain in the memory of a homeland or in the service of someone who will eventually leave and whose responsibility you will shoulder the burden “, he concluded.

The brother of a former 2014 presidential candidate and three other people were arrested and detained, the Ministry of the Interior announced on Thursday, October 20, 2022, in a press release.

They are suspected of having bribed some residents of Kasserine to sow trouble in the region and are accused of criminal association and an attack on the internal security of the state with the aim of changing the form of government, of inciting people to arm themselves against each other or to cause disorder, murder or looting on Tunisian territory.

According to the press release from the Ministry of the Interior, this affair arose after the arrest in Kasserine of two men and a woman for distributing money to a few people who encouraged them to commit vandalism in the region. Local authorities seized 4,720 dinars from the first suspect and 1,320 dinars from the second, as well as 15,980 as part of a raid on a suspicious home.

According to our sources, the presidential candidate in question would be Yassine Channoufi. He was sentenced to five years in prison and fined nine million dinars for financial corruption and money laundering. His brother, Haykel Chennoufi, would be the person targeted by the press release from the Ministry of the Interior. He would have met someone close to Mouadh Ghannouchi, son of Rached Ghannouchi, president of the Ennahdha movement. Mouadh Ghannouchi would therefore have been placed on the wanted list.

The press release states that the meeting took place in Turkey. Yassine Channoufi’s brother and the person close to Mouadh Ghannouchi reportedly received instructions and funding to cause trouble in the Kasserine region and incite residents to revolt.


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