Job interviewing in the metaverse: how does it work?

The job interview in the metaverse may become the next standard in working life. Along with mental preparation, you need to have the right tools and skills to make it happen smoothly. But is it a standard we must adhere to?

Virtual reality benefits both individuals and companies. This technology has grown significantly in recent times, especially after the health crisis. Due to social distancing, developers have found many alternatives to maintain communication, the metaverse in this case. Besides the various entertaining programs in this virtual landscape, businesses have also started using it. The job interview in the metaverse has thus become more and more common. That is why we will give an overview of the topic, its advantages, before providing a guide for those who are going to a virtual interview or who are preparing for it.

What is a job interview in the metaverse?

A job interview in the metaverse is like a physical interview, but without direct contact. Instead of speaking directly, the two parties use their respective avatars to communicate.

How does the virtual interview take place?

In addition to the various virtual fairs, recruiting and training staff are among employers’ priorities in the metaverse. To do this, recruiters will interview your avatar, ask him for it manipulate virtual objects, make pictures and interact with other avatars. And by the avatar being free to move within the metaverse, the recruiter can ask you to demonstrate your professional skills.

The interview can have different stages, starting with a series of traditional questions (presentation, skills, etc.). Afterwards, the recruiter can ask the candidate for it simulate scenarios to test their personal skills. This helps avoid job interview scams and distinguish the lies from the truth. To avoid any confusion, we will take a closer look at the different stages that the job interview must include in the metaverse.

The steps in a virtual interview

On the one hand, the interview is different from one position to another, and the steps increase according to the qualifications required for the position. On the other handartificial intelligence more and more involved in the recruitment process. This makes it possible to achieve a mixed mix of artificial intelligence and human intervention to find the rare gem. Here are the steps for an interview in the metaverse:

Step 1: preselection

In this step, the recruiter conducts a short pre-screening interview using an AI robot fromasynchronous video interview (AVI). The AVI takes approximately fifteen minutes. At the end, shortlisted candidates can choose the date and time when they want to have their job interview in the metaverse. If he lives on the other side of the world, he can choose according to his availability taking into account the time difference.

Step 2: the visit

The second step is to address the issue of staff retention. This is a virtual tour of the company where the candidate can get a global idea what to expect if he gets the job. During the visit, the recruiter can invite him to a meeting to visit the various workstations. He can even see the company’s relaxation areas and see for himself advantage which he will enjoy if his profile matches the recruiter’s expectations.

The purpose of the virtual visit is to instill in the candidate corporate culture as well as its own values.

Step 3 of the job interview in the metaverse: the evaluation

In this step, the recruiter will perform a candidate assessment during the job interview in the metaverse. He will be able to know what tasks need to be done outside the metaverse. In fact, some graduate skills require real-world testing in addition to virtual simulation. This then makes it possible to assess whether the results of the two types of tests are identical or whether there is a discrepancy.

Step 4: selection

The first three steps facilitate the selection of the ideal candidate for the position to be filled. The job interview in the metaverse is as structured as it predicts performance and endurance of each candidate. This step is crucial because it allows you to learn about employability of each candidate.

The recruiter asks questions such as:

  • Why did you choose this avatar?
  • How do you choose the order to perform your tasks in the metaverse?
  • What metaverse skills do you have?
  • How do you organize your work in the metaverse?

Step 5: the final step of the job interview in the metaverse

At this stage, there are only 5 candidates left for the position. Here, it is the candidate’s future direct supervisor who conducts the job interview in the metaverse. Rather, the questions become focused on business in general, the daily tasks that the candidate has to perform, his knowledge of the sector.

The recruiter can thus ask questions such as:

  • How do you manage your daily tasks?
  • How will you handle such and such a situation?
  • Prioritize the following tasks: task (X), task (Y); etc

Is the job interview in the metaverse advantageous?

The job interview in the metaverse has 5 steps you cannot skip. Finally, we wonder if it is beneficial to apply this recruitment method in the web3 space or not. To answer the question, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of the virtual interview.

The benefits of the job interview in the metaverse

Obviously, recruiters will not agree with this method if it does not give them any advantage. Firstly, the virtual interview makes it possible to save precious time to both parties. The candidate is not required to travel to reach the recruitment office.

Admittedly, there are already a large number of applications for remote chat, such as ZoomGoogle Meet, etc. But the metaverse is one immersive landscape where candidates can prove their skills even in a virtual space. It is therefore the most comfortable form of remote interviewing.

In addition, the candidate can use the metaverse for interact directly with the virtual elements which may be useful during the interview. He can also present his virtual portfolio and share it with the recruiter so that he has a deeper knowledge of his skills. The candidate can also present graphs as illustrations. A candidate who knows how to present himself in a coherent and organized manner may be the ideal candidate.

Also the job interview in the metaverse is more comfortable as everyone feels comfortable. He no longer needs to dress in a suit and tie, his pajamas can do it. It is enough that their avatar can perform the desired tasks. The company, in turn, will use one reduced sum compared to that due to physical maintenance.

The disadvantages of a virtual interview

Since this is a virtual interview, it is difficult for the recruiter to know if the candidate’s avatar reflects his image in the real world. It is so difficult to judge the candidate’s body language and humor. However, this question may not pose a problem unless the job to be filled requires specific physical attributes.

However, the crucial question rests on security and confidence in the metaverse. Any digital experience requires a minimum of security to prevent possible hacks. Otherwise, job interviewing in metaverse looks promising for business, it saves time and costs.

How do you prepare for a job interview in the metaverse?

As the job interview in the metaverse is about to take over, it may become the norm. In this way, it is appropriate to prepare for it today to avoid unpleasant surprises when the time comes for a virtual interview. So how do you prepare for a virtual interview? The preparation is both psychological and material:

psychological preparation

While this is a completely new way of assessing skills, keep in mind that there is nothing very difficult about passing an interview in the metaverse. Just answer the questions decently and correctly. It is necessary articulate well his remarks by highlighting his skills and qualifications.

Don’t forget to do either maximum research on the company and the position before the conversation begins. It is important to be prepared for all kinds of questions, especially those concerning the position to be filled. In short, you must arm yourself with a good capacity for announcement and a high level of general culture in order to impress the recruiter.

But psychological preparation is not enough when it comes to a virtual interview, you also need to bring the right materials. Which brings us to material preparation.

Material preparation

When we talk about the metaverse, we have to talk about VR headsets. For gamers, it is quite easy to find the right headset for them. On the other hand, for those who are not connoisseurs of the field, it is preferable to choose carefully among them set VR headset on sale.

Have a good helmet is not enough, it is also important to know how to design an avatar that is as representative as possible. This already proves professionalism on the part of the candidate. L’avatar is the numerical representation of the candidate. That’s why it’s really important to dress it up in relation to the position demand. You have to be careful with excessively conspicuous make-up, hairstyle, clothes etc.

Finally, it is important to point out that a job interview in the metaverse requires proven skills in virtual reality and AI. Before starting the interview, the platform may require a certain configuration. It is therefore important to read the user manual carefully.

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