IT for Business – Le Magazine No. 2272, May 2022

Contents of IT for Business 2272 > File: New networks for new uses / Study: Recruitment, new ways to deal with shortages / Interview: Frédéric Tran Kiem, RATP Group / Portrait: Axel Jacquet, DSI des Apprentis d’Auteuil / Analysis: texts and labels for sovereign Europeans…

Bolstered by a pandemic crisis, which has often turned it into a hero, the CIO today finds itself at the head of the line on all fronts.

As Europe clarifies its law on digital services and celebrates the four years of the implementation of the GDPR, DSI is more and more often the one who gives soul to the necessary data management in its company.

Similarly, while the labor market has rarely been so tense and complex with talent with new demands, the CIO is also at the heart of HR issues (survey of the month returns to new ways to tackle the talent shortage) and at the heart of QVT and CSR issues (cf. legal column of the month and the green IT file no. 2271).

It is also on him that the company’s technological vision is based, prompting Yves Bernaert, CEO of Accenture Technology Europe, to say that ” a CIO today is someone who could be a CEO in five years. For now, all business is a technology business. If you want to run a successful business, you need to understand technology.“. Of technological vision, it is also a question in our file of the monthdevoted to a difficult but strategic topic: new networks to serve new purposes

Not forgetting that the CIO has also been at the heart of transformation issues for several years now. Witness, once again, the director of Digital, IS and Innovation at RATP Group, Frederic Tran Kiem who returns, i interview of the monthon the pharaonic projects of a public service company that manages more than 16 million journeys on a daily basis!
Suffice it to say that DSI’s vocation today requires a total and interdisciplinary commitment, where people, business and technology are cleverly intertwined, as is evident from our picture of the month, Axel JacquetCIO of Apprentice d’Auteuil.

In this issue you will of course also find DSI’s feedback on key projects such as metaverses (at Veepee), the date (at E. Leclerc), logistics (with the bold choices of Duracell), the digitization of HR (through the ambitious project of quadrant), Low-Code development (atthe French Blood Institute), agile development and the SAFe approach (at Aggregation).

And you will also discover the inspiring innovations from young French shoots such as NukkAI (and its explainable AI), harmony (and his approach to emotional intelligence), Milvue (and its medical AI).

Welcome to the detailed summary ofIT for Business no. 2272…


“Pharaonic projects with a very high digital complexity”
Interview with Frederic Tran Kiemdirector of digital, IS and innovation at The RATP Group


New networks for new uses

5Gright swiss army knife connection
– From trade to powers extended thanks to SD-WAN
Of satellites to connect land, sky and sea
– L’internet of things at the time of election


Recruitment: new ways to deal with the shortage


Axel Jacquet, CIO of Apprentis d’Auteuil
“The strength of the commitment surprises DSI”


Veepee gathers its units into one metaverse
E. Leclerc centralizes data for a million products on Alchemists
Duracell rebuild it logistics world
quadrant consolidates its HRIS
Aggregation electrifies its development with SURE
– L’DFS testing the approach in Brittany make code agile


Accenture believe in metaverse and let it be known
– Of texts and labels to act assovereign Europeans
– The strategy” any cloud “Publishers don’t not just happy


“Adapting its recruitment to the expectations of Generation Z”


CIOs called for a growing role in recruitment processes


You too, my son, you will be a beginner!


– Of keys to insert one Responsible AI
Transatlantic agreement on data: no deal rather than a bad deal!
– That developers and technology for the help of GDPR


NukkAI explains AI thanks to bridge
harmony boosted emotional intelligence team
Milvue comes to helpradiologiststhanks to’AI


A subcutaneous implant to pay?

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