Interpol lands in the metaverse to fight online crime

The international crime-fighting organization Interpol presented its metaverse of the same name during its last gathering in New Delhi. The international police will thus be able to train their new members more effectively and simply by simulating real situations. In addition, Interpol wants to strengthen its presence against online crime.

Interpol watches over the metaverse

The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), more commonly known as Interpolannounced the launch of its own metaverse at its 90th Annual General Meeting, which took place on October 18 in New Delhi, India.

During the introduction of this metaverse to the assembly, the various international delegates present at the event were able to directly blend into this “already fully operational” virtual world using virtual headsets.

During this interactive presentation session, the members present could participate in a virtually identical rendering of Interpol headquarters, located in Lyons. This metaverse, soberly dubbed INTERPOL, will allow those affected to follow immersive training and interact with other members via their avatar, without any geographical limitation.

Overview of Interpol quarters in the metaverse

According to Interpol, this new metaverse will allow its various entities to coordinate and work in a more rational and efficient manner. In addition, these virtual offices will allow new recruits and students to train more easily by simulating real situationse.g :

“In a live demonstration, experts from Interpol’s Capacity Building and Training Directorate offered training on travel document verification and passenger screening using Interpol’s capabilities in a Metaverse classroom. The students were then teleported to an airport where they were able to practice the newly learned skills at a virtual border crossing. »

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Crime is on the rise in virtual worlds

Introduced as “the first ever metaverse, specifically designed for law enforcement around the world”, INTERPOL will enable active participation in the fight against online crime, for which virtual worlds like the metaverse are already prime locations for malicious individuals :

“Criminals have already begun to exploit the Metaverse. World Economic Forum […] warned that social engineering scams, violent extremism and disinformation could pose particular challenges. »

According to the press release, the number of users of these virtual worlds is constantly increasing, malicious activities are also increased mechanically :

“As the number of Metaverse users increases and the technology advances, the list of possible crimes will only grow to potentially include crimes against children, data theft, money laundering, money, financial fraud, counterfeiting, ransomware, phishing, assault and sexual harassment. “

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Source: Interpol press release

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