Here are 4 ideas to make money with your car

Among the main concerns of the French in recent times, the issue of fuel prices is at the heart of their considerations regarding the use of their car. While petrol and diesel have regularly exceeded the symbolic pillar of the two euros during the year 2022, under the influence of, among other things, the war in Ukraine, the car is becoming more and more expensive. But when it remains essential on a daily basis for professional and personal travel, the question of abandoning it does not arise. So you might as well take the opportunity to earn a few euros to offset the regular increases. And it’s good that there are more and more solutions to help your vehicle grow.

Rental when you don’t need it

If the car continues to occupy an important place in the everyday life of many drivers, it is not uncommon that you are sometimes without it for days or even whole weeks. In this case, renting out your vehicle to individuals remains a very practical option to earn some money without doing anything other than lending your keys for a few hours. Of many platforms and applications, such as OuiCar, Getaround or Roadstr, now make it possible to connect individuals, often at very advantageous prices for renters compared to professional agencies. Renting will usually only earn you a few euros occasionally, but you can hope to earn up to 150 euros a month at best.

Delivery, to optimize travel and time

If you have the necessary free time, there are also other platforms that allow you to play part-time cures to earn a few extra euros. Whether for individuals or companies, these sites like Cocolis or Colis-Voiturage allow you, after registration, to become a parcel forwarder in minutes. As with most other solutions of this type, your remuneration will take into account the delivery distance to be covered, but also the weight or fragility of the items and goods to be transported.

Car sharing, a personal and professional solution

The explosion in fuel prices has boosted the carpooling solution, which had suffered in particular due to the COVID crisis and health measures. To the picture from industry leader BlaBlaCar, carpooling does not know the crisis, allowing you to make your daily business trips or weekend trips profitable. The longer the trip, the more money it will allow you to earn, and the remaining principle is to share common mileage costs (petrol, highway tolls, etc.). In addition to its long-lasting effectiveness in the professional setting between work colleaguescarpooling has also been highlighted by public policies in recent years for its ecological benefits, especially in the development of parking areas dedicated to carpooling.

The parking lot, an often forgotten manna

It’s not just your car that can bring you big money: in some urban areas, parking lots and garages are also very popular among city dwellers who don’t have them or professionals who need them on a daily basis. Whether daily, weekend or monthly, there are several types of packages that allow you to make the most of your parking space when you don’t need it. Sites like Monsieur Parking or Parkadom allow you to be put in contact with other people who need you to sublet your space.

Advertising: a new solution

This solution is not yet the most widespread, advertising is not always well received by some motorists, but the car advertising industry is still flourishing thanks to start-ups such as CarLogo, Pub’n’ Drive or Yocar. The principle is simple: if a brand accepts that your vehicle represents it, it gives you permission to apply micro-perforated vinyl adhesive strips with their image to your vehicle, all for a monthly fee, the size of which changes according to the size of the logo and its location . Small city cars such as Mini and Smart are particularly popular among brands and generally new vehicles that are used regularly and primarily in the city. You earn on average between 40 and 70 euros per month for a vinyl placed on your rear window, 70 to 100 euros for the front doors, 100 to 250 euros for a screen on the four doors and up to 500 euros per month for a cover over the entire cabin .

By the editors of the hREF agency

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